Waste Management Truck fails 2018 PT. 1& 300th video special

Sorry aomething happened with the quality when I poested this video. Hope you enjoy and please subscribe. I will be trying to upload every Friday.



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  1. me and my sister have been watching these for hours and laughing so hard

  2. Why are they picking up empty cans?

  3. Lol. Trash , recycle, greens va para arriba. Una vez.

  4. Maybe people should hav some common sense. Things will get stuck unless in garbage bags. Ugh

  5. Ok really, one little bag in the bin and you bring it out?

  6. Awesome Nice cool awesome video

  7. Didnt see a lot of garbage man fails, just dumbass customers overloading their bins and not bagging their shit and expecting an automated system to perform flawlessly regardless of their ignorance. Cheers.

  8. Who is taking all these videos??

  9. American garbage trucks are soo retarded lol

  10. Omg these mechanical arms are so cool and expressive

  11. how 'RUBBISH' hhaha looooool :0 skert cunt 😛

  12. Why does it say title text here in the begining LMAO

  13. Bag your trash you lazy shitheads.

  14. 0:58 the back up sounded cool

  15. Watch my videos I have plenty of fails and garbage videos on my channel

  16. that is not practical at all it's fucking stupid

  17. why do they put both trash and recycling into one truck?

  18. Title text here

  19. Hilarious!!

  20. wonder how many cans the garbage center has to replace every month.

  21. i like it!

  22. He ain't miss that can lol you didn't have them spaced out and they were behind the tail end of a car. Ive drove past plenty like that and put misplaced on the computer.

  23. Enjoyed for sure! The python or automizer collecting non city carts or bull is neat to see! It would be cool if you did a video of your cans.

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