Top 15 Best Places to Visit in Israel ( Asia )

Top 15 Best Places to Visit in Israel ( Asia ) ➤ Subscribe World’s Best Places Channel: Israel is a complex, intriguing, and significant state …



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  1. ايهاب و علاء مومن عايوين يطلعوا اسرائيل

  2. Israel is the first line of defence for humanity from Jihadi Islamic terrorism

  3. Long live Jews
    Prayers from 1.05 billion Hindus of India

  4. God bless you Israel and may you be filled with peace. You are the apple of God’s eye.

  5. Wish to come here next year. May my dream come true

  6. The music kinda ruins it….

  7. Thumbnail misspells Israel "Isarel".

  8. Great drone shots and info! Thank you for making and uploading this video! Hearing a voice speaking the information instead of reading would make it even better!

  9. the title Isarel?should read Israel.
    inspiring video.
    ghastly music.

  10. Am I the only person who noticed that the thumbnail said “ISAREL”???

  11. Am Israel Chai! May your beautiful country last forever!
    Lots of love and support from old good friends from Poland <3

  12. Why does the music have to be so loud in my opinion takes away from your thinking about the site.


  14. Very nice beautiful places but it proves that no history for Jewish in this country

  15. على فكره كلشي بصير هاد باراده الله

  16. جمال لا يوصف يمكن مشان هيك الله ما بدو اياها تكون مع العرب

  17. Merci aux juifs , ils sont le cerveau du Monde !!

  18. Depuis 3000 ans ce territoire  est le foyer des juifs  , le pays de Canaan ,  alors à chaque conquérant il a été appelé autrement   mais il reste  la JUDEE SAMARIE , la GALILEE  pour toujours !!!

  19. its palestine not israel..

  20. This land is Palestine from 180 d.C. not Israhell!

  21. Jerusalem belongs 2 the Palestinians we know tht.

  22. that's not israel!! but that is Palestine!!! shame on you jews!!!

  23. Palestine

  24. it palestine and it will stay like that #jerusalem-is-the-capital-of-palestine
    was and will stay

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