Thonglor, Bangkok's HiSo Neighborhood

The Thonglor and Ekkamai Neighborhood is home to many of Thailand’s richest. Is it over rated? If this is your first time, please consider subscribing and setting …



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  1. Sorry been a bit late making this walk go public. Last of the street walks I've shot. I'll be uploading a series of shopping videos but let us know if you prefer this or the shopping videos. I am leaning towards doing more neighborhood videos. Comment below if there are neighborhoods you'd like us to cover that hasn't already been done on our channel 🙂

  2. One of my favorite hangout place in Bangkok, such a nice and chill place !

  3. Great video, thank you for giving us this tour.
    Please use the wide lens from now on, it's so much better than the shaky linear lens!

  4. Just got back from a month stay. I understand you guy's were out of country. I'll take a meet-up rain-check for next time. I did intend to stroll this SUK 55 hood, but time just went on to fast on me. I chuckled at you';re dissing it as "Beverly Hills" of Bangkok. Appreciate that , since I've always been an east of La Brea guy all my time in my native LA. LOL I spent a total of ten nights in BKK and learned a good amount. I seem to gravitate towards the river. Overall my stay exceeded my first visit. Visited Krabi,Ayutthaya 2nts, a few towns in Issan and Kanachuburi (awesome) – ok, Pattaya too. …. I've concluded on this trip that moving to Thailand is not for me. It is certainly a place I can spend three months out of the year in the near future.

  5. The wide angle is really nice to see more. Especially in the walking the streets vids. But something was weird with the sound. The vlog was great. I like it to explore areas that you usually not see on here.

  6. I stayed at an AirBNB TN39 for a few days last year. Far enough from mass transit that I needed a taxi or grab. Traffic was horrendous getting in and out of the neighborhood. Some nice condos/apartments in the area, though.

  7. This wide angle lens is GREAT! It makes these walks so much more interesting and useful as we can see more.

  8. Linear angle was better but was shakier..don't know why..generally GoPro has better stabilizer quality. Thong Lo is indeed hep place..non touristy locals upscale ambiance for sure. Street walk VDO was after long time though..enjoyed it 🙂

  9. Wow When u speak Thai your accent is similar as the native speaker.So cute!

  10. Nice video Ethan. I prefer your new wide angle lens because I feel it's more realistic. :o)

  11. Did you do any color grading in this video? Cause I really like the color and the lighting here! Anyway great video and commentary as usual ☺️

  12. I like the jazz they have there at the Commons…….I’m a jazz head……

  13. I really like your content. My wife was born in Thailand i would love to live there, your videos make me want to move.

  14. Liking the 'Wide Angle Lens', very little distortion and clear focus. Thonglor sidewalks look better than other areas, hope to make that same walk next visit. Amazing how Mayu can explain just about everything, no matter where you travel, a true godsend.
    HiSo No Money – Thai music vid

  15. Hey, havent been following the channel for a while but I’m glad that you and Mayu look like you guys are still thriving!
    Your videos make me miss Bangkok. I attended my first Songkran this year 🙂 sure, Bangkok is kind of icky and grimy and the infrastructure isnt that great but it has a special charm and relaxed vibe. Better than soulless Singapore.

  16. Need you to walk through soi 24 and review on it.

  17. Omg hows man Ks u guys walked

  18. I do like the wide-lens.

  19. it seems like all the videos from Thailand focus only on the busy cities. How about a video walk through some residential neighborhoods .thanks for the video.

  20. Agree with noise pollution in Bangkok, mostly from vehicle.

  21. There is a good news from Bkk administration released by Bkk governor that all telecommunications lines ( totally over 4000 Km throughout the city) will be completely buried within 2 years. Operatoin date starts from 1 july 19. He did not mention powerlines. After 2 years from now on i will see this VDO again how ugly Bkk is. Thanks for a long walk.

  22. Definitely like the wide angle more

  23. Mayu seems sleepy , it is a beautiful day.

  24. Reportedly all the cables in the whole Bangkok (main roads) are being pulled down into the ground within 2 years from now on totaling about 2,500 kilometers in length. Bangkok will look much better,

  25. Don't forget to have a coffee at roots.

  26. I like your movies very much from korea.^^

  27. Been visiting Bangkok the last 15 years. Always do this walk. Love this street. Go right to the end where the klong is. You missed some good stuff at the far end. Also some great sois off Thonglor ( pronounced Thonglo. Silent R.) will be there in 1 week. Can not Bangkok.
    Maybe we can meet up. Whatcha say? Have You done a Charoenkrung / Yaworat walk?

  28. I enjoyed the wide angle lens. I felt more connected to the area in the talking segment. Great job !

  29. Mayu's long legs just propel her out there in front..Ha ha.

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