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The Strait of Hormuz: Why is it the focus of the Iran-US tensions – BBC News

After the US pulled out of the international nuclear agreement with Iran, Tehran says it will not negotiate another deal with Washington. And, there’s been a …



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  1. drive the USA terrorists out of Hormuz n Indian ocean……

  2. جنسی و جنسیتی میگن با هم فرق میکنه.ما هنوز روابط اقتصادی طبیعی دولتی را نمیشناسیم چون در زندان روابی جنسیتی بد اسیر و زندانی هستیم.

  3. Halliburton (Dick Cheney's) company is in Dubai..across the strait from Iran…no Republican can go to war there… infact when Iraq was destroyed, the joke was-America has the Bush but gulf has the Dick, hence Iran was left out..

  4. Another one of Israel's wars coming up. Those dumb yanks will send their sons to die for Jew's who hate them. Morons

  5. Calling it the gulf is just another filthy Jew deception tactic

  6. Sorry Charlie but a stroke of a pen doesn’t mean nothing and it’s a waste of time only fooling fools period

  7. Terror did Trump say Terror? Wtf the United States and Israel are THE ONLY COUNTRIES THAT COMMIT TERROR on the rest of the world

  8. Don't get so upset Numpty. It's not our fault that you have a childishly teeny wiener is it.

  9. watch democracy now and jimmy dore for real journalism

  10. The USA is so hooked on foreign oil that now that they don't need it they still want it.

  11. the arab gulf death to iran and their governement as the prophet said you r the dogs of hell iam muslim i stay with usa and israel to destroy iran and hizb allah glory to ksa MBS is our leader not that old stinky dog khaminii

  12. I love Iranian girls.

  13. It's the Persian gulf, no wonder RT is getting more views than the BBC (Fake news broadcast company)

  14. Trump chats like a warrior lol he's a pervese very disturbed puppet for the dark Dollar loving forces Trump and his cockroaches will discover what they did once they meet the maker of the millions they've displaced raped murdered poor civilians and soldiers heaven's have mercy on the Real victims of crimes against humanity.

  15. Is it not terrorism that US, which is west is making intrusion in the affairs of the east and considers it's self to be on the right path?

  16. it's the Persian gulf dumb shit. why did they hire you? Also the US litterally using their power to bully iran here.

  17. Two foreskinless nations. Who cares?

  18. Iran is not iraq

  19. This was a very good clip, not biased and very well done. Why can't all BBC content be this way?

  20. battlefield 2 music intensifies

  21. The bbc speaker is such a no pro haha

  22. Because petrol- monkies, the political leaders that represent them and the corporate Masters whose interests they really represent, realize the resources of the world are finite and everyone is trying to stake a claim before the inevitable happens. The US- Iraq War, China in Africa and South America etc, it's been going on for many, many years before then. Water, food, resource shortages, more monkies inhabiting the planet, ignorant nationalism, the inevitable is a correction in the population i.e. global pandemic or in this case, war. Prove me wrong, it is inevitable

  23. America bombed Japan Vietnam Iraq Afghanistan Palestine and Syria. Now on list is Iran. America is threat to peace of planet earth

  24. lol @ you BBC, calling it the gulf. Soon you'll be calling it the 'Queen's Gulf' or some sh*t

  25. The amount of Persian Nationalist comments though.

  26. Corrupt news agency

  27. America is biggest problem of the world//The peoples should unite against America.

  28. The gulf?… Wtf, It's called the Persian Gulf it's clear this war is already underway. Citizens should arm themselves and take the opportunity to show their displeasure to the so called "sovereigns" there is no better time. After that we should just take half of ISis-RA-EL nuclear weapons and give them to Iran, then I bet no one would be so willing to attack the other

  29. Persian gulf ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  31. Cause money oil greed commerce

  32. Mr trump he is think Iran is like Somalia but is not be carful

  33. The civilized world needs to get their butts out of the mud and work on energy sources other than oil and nuclear. We all know those two sources are HORRIBLE to the environment and us!

  34. Parizad Nobakht= Salman Farsi

  35. It's a little racist of the BBC to feel the need to use an Iranian report to comment on this subject

  36. So Iran is bad and needs to be stopped from getting too powerful, but Saudi Arabia who supports muslim extremisr groups is a nice and welcomed ally?

  37. Let ME explain.

  38. Shame on the BBC, why you want to show the reality/history the other way round? , this is Persian Gulf Not Gulf.

  39. U. S is the biggest threat to world peace.

  40. The end of America is going to be soon and the number of Muslim countries in this work should be supported by Iran.If Saudi Arabia also obstructs Saudi Arabia in this work, it should also be eliminated.

  41. Build a canal around Qatar and make the Strait of Hormuz irrelevant.

  42. Fuck the bbc it’s called THE PERSIN GOLF i am going to repeat it again THE PERSIAN GULF

  43. Less oil on the market makes the price go up and maybe bigger demand for the USD. Does Iran have nuclear weapons? After all is said and done, the Iranians have to defend themselves against 2 nuclear powers. Do you think with the odds stacked so highly against them, they've put away a couple of those nuc's as a deterrent. What do you think?

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