The Simple Reason Bitcoin Is Going Parabolic In 2019

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  1. What program are you using for data analysis?

  2. Buy the correction coming up right now and hodl for the next 2 years.

  3. It’s the 850,000 lost MtGox coins

  4. Did you say Regan coin?

  5. Walmart.


  7. Great information !!! Well served stuff. Bitcoin is the father of all cryptocurrency. However, it is unpredictable and inevitably leads millions of traders to crash and ruin their business. Of all the cryptocurrencies, only PRIZM provides permanent success. I urge traders from all over the world to replenish the good, united family of PRIZM !!! Welcome!

  8. If you lose your bitcoins what effect does that have on the entire market

  9. US CFTC Approves LedgerX’s Application for Designation As Contract Market
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  10. Thinking that once the rally ends people will sell their BTC for alts is wishful thinking. Every time in the past BTC goes down alts go down further. People have woke up to the fact alts are "shitcoins". BTC is only worth as much as it is because it's a store of value nothing else does that.

  11. What makes bitcoin so special , are the alt coins not good enough for the same purpose as bitcoin ?

  12. Where is that real colorful chart you showed about the non-movement of BTC, IS IT IN THE SHOW NOTES?

  13. While i do feel the data presented is quite useful in a long term sense I have to say that the NVT is not corraborating the supply vs. Demand thesis.An overvalued NVT which is what we have seen for the past several months is (to me at least) an indication that the current demand is NOT being driven by future hodlers looking to buy BTC and setup wallets to store long term ,but is being driven by exchanges and exchange users speculating on a far shorter timeframe.This as well as the current 5 month rally with no proper correction to refuel and reset is indicating to me at least that what we are witnessing is not necessarily the beginning of a bull market,but the end of a mini bull run.This market is anything but healthy at this point in my humble opinion!

  14. Every single payday I run my numbers and whatever is disposable goes into BTC no matter what the price is that Friday morning and I will not sell for probably 10+ years or until the price hits a certain point and ceases to move at all for an extended period of time. Ex: if BTC hits, say, $800K and stays exactly there for like two years+ without moving then I might assume that's the final valuations and go ahead and sell, but as long as there is any increase at all I will hodl until I'm ready to retire – which is in about 20-25 years.

  15. always look at hashrate for the relevant blockchain – bitcoin is back to the late 17 bullrun hashrate while eth is dashing at half. but then again – some EIPs increased difficulty and lowered block rewards drastically – next bullrun=next ASIC, no matter the coin.

  16. JUST HODL. The next 10 years is just about HODLING. DO NOT LET ANYONE TAKE YOUR BITCOIN. IT IS THE FUTURE OF MONEY, WHY SELL in 5 years back to scam fiat money? Why not own the future of money that EVERYONE will need. Common.

  17. Great Video, I have been mining bitcoin for 9 months now, i have not sold a single coin and i don't have intentions of doing so either , I am holding 5 – 7 years. As a miner, I'm doing everything I can to accumulate more BTC as I believe it will reach incredible new highs.

  18. i say only tether marketcap

  19. I'm not just "hodling" I intend to use crypto.
    I pay my bills, spend some personal money, make sure I don't starve. Everything else goes into crypto & mining.
    It isn't really my intention move it back into fiat unless there is a real good reason for it.
    Not to toot my own horn, but I think I'm not the only one falling into a category not even being considered when analyzing data.
    It's just real hard to spend it now if you "know" it's going to be worth a lot more.

  20. Where's thew link to the article?

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