This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach 20k again and if we will be …



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  3. Allison keeps making me Good profits when it comes to trading.

  4. dont worry there is also a gap around 17K dollar :p

  5. Sorry to say but speculative trading and nanipulation killed the beautiful future btc could have. BTC has become just another economic object you can bet on. Pump or dump and sell and make fiat even more infinite in supply.

  6. volume too low man

  7. "Higher than usual success rate" is the phrase you were trying to think of around 4:00

  8. Is there a massive head and shoulders there?

  9. 9:50 Adam & Eve pattern.

  10. so many daily gains

  11. alt coin season has been in for a month

  12. The Canadian tav returns should be hitting this and next week soon. i'm not sure but it might show on the market. i've heard that alot of Canadians are into crypto

  13. 20 week moving average is so significant, looking at fractals (2015), it is unlikely we go above it at this point in the bear market
    PS: If it does break it, then fuck it, I know fuck all

  14. Thank you Sami – have a great time in Malta =D

  15. "Pump the price, make it go sideways, but on an ascending triangle for a little while, so they think that it's going to go up another leg. Then dump it. Lower than it was."

  16. Just by curiosity. Why you bother with VIP business model when you're such a good trader/TA-analyst? Wouldn't be better if you focus on your trading instead? Not implying you should, I like your content allot. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Do you still think that even if bitcoin goes to 5k, it will come down below 3k?

  18. 0:29 and this is the ass ending triangle. lol

  19. How to short btc in USA? We can't use bitmex

  20. Weekly Stochastic RSI just crossed into overbought territory for the first time since December 2017, we will have capitulation soon

  21. Thanks for sharing this video

  22. Great video!

  23. Forflies, can u do a bearish video about worst case scenario of bitcoin?

  24. Bears and bulls are the same people, just different days of week..

  25. hey mate,, youll find the CME chart on tradingview when you type BTC1!. There is also a very nice indicator called gap o matic which will show you on your finex oder bitmex chart where are the CME gaps and if they where filled. Greets and keep your cool content going !

  26. The video is flashing only for me or my graphic card is dying?

    Thanks for the video!

  27. How can there be a futures gap at 1300 if trading didn’t start until dec2018?

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