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Samaya – Shamanic Elixir [Mixtape] World Music / Shamanic Downtempo

Come.. Come closer.. And drink.. Take it slow, but take it.. Drink the jungle.. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and listen.. Hear the leaves rustling in the wind.



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  1. The best i know on YT

  2. Beautiful

  3. Awesome

  4. Sounds like some WAYOFACTING stuff

  5. Great track! It's so ethereal and mysterious. Keep up the fantastic work!

  6. Been listening to this music a long time, just amazing to chill a lot of cool musics here.

  7. One of the greatest hey 🙂 Anybody know the song at 33min? Luv!

  8. "…Venha .. Aproxime-se .. E beba .. Vá devagar, mas tome .. Beba a selva .. Feche os olhos, respire profundamente e ouça .. Ouça as folhas farfalhando ao vento. Aves do paraíso recebê-lo com sua música. Batidas de tambor distantes estão chegando cada vez mais perto. Canto de cura sagrado ecoa ao seu redor e visões internas começam a aparecer. Você acorda do sono que foi sua vida. As energias universais estão fluindo através de seu corpo. Você sente a sensação de amor e união abraçando sua alma. Você está em casa. Você é um."
    Shivelight !!

  9. Parabéns!! É um belíssimo trabalho!!
    Douglas Ló e Mih!
    Vale do São Francisco, Sertão – BRASIL!
    01 / 06 / 2019

  10. song at 1:24:12… completely seduced…

  11. Ничё так) Всем кто это слушает, счастья, Мира и добра!))

  12. Awesome jungle shaman sounds

  13. So, this is what enlightenment sounds like… very nice

  14. since 1:00:00 I am in another another world

  15. ❤ [ 2019 ] ❤

  16. 1:50 amazing…..

  17. This is contagious to all the body, i cant stop moving my foots even if i have to be concentrated, this is really sacred music inspired by the shamans!! Thank you, love it !

  18. Trance-forming!

  19. Perfect for cracking up some designs in photoshop!

  20. Todos somos uno!!

  21. I don't know why but this music made me cry like the way you cry when you see your hometown for the first time. Happy years like ig I remeber something but not totally and then sadness cuz it feels like I lost something just Mix feelings. But overall this music is amazing and beautiful and brought a small piece of my past maybe and resonated with my soul maybe idk.

  22. Einfach nur sagenhaft!! Bin überwältigt und ganz in meinem sein der ruhe

  23. yukkie to me …so we all are different glad ya'll like it bye peace


  25. Stunning !

  26. Love how this channel showcases the artists as well as the musicians

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