RULE ZERO: Strategies For Male Success in Life

Welcome to Rule Zero featuring Rollo Tomassi, Rian Stone, Black Label Logic, and Jonathan from Modern Life Dating where we discuss strategies for men to …



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  1. Whats up guys as you know Quarter 2 Enrollment for Body Language Mastery has begun Enroll Now To Get:

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  2. You guys are awesome! Glad, you guys stayed together making good content!

  3. 1:28:40 history lesson compact edition by BLL

  4. Channel 4 News Team Assemble!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. And……… Rian gets cut off at the end lol

  6. At 58 min Ryan talks about a blog. Red pill is game. How can I find it and how can I spell the guys name. Thanks.

  7. By spending more time in her social circle, do you think her " true personality " will surface sooner due to comfort ?

  8. I rarely bring women around my family or core of real friends. I try to keep it in her socoial circles for a while. That way, when its over, we never run into each other or have common friends.

  9. So much better without the profanity riddled, " sto my thunder " babble .

  10. Team Rule Zero!!!

  11. Donovan, come back to the gang. You know it makes sense bro.

  12. I like what they teach but tbh this show came off like a girly week-end group talk. jumping from one topic to another without a clear agenda, thus staying superficial and even rarely disagreeing with each other. y'all need to clearly assign the role of a host and define clear topics for a show and then literally prepare the content you are going to talk about. I rather her one valuable hour than two hours of small-talk-like convo. and also don't boast off statements about things you know nothing about. the japanese economy is fucking up for years btw.
    I'm not a hater I just want to provide honest feedback so you can become the best possible show

  13. It’s like they cut most of the fat and ended up with a superior group

  14. Voltron lives!

  15. More views than the latest, rmg episode..

  16. Rollo not showing his face?

  17. Sounds like Rian saved the "good" for after the show haha

  18. With Rule Zero……The Red Man Group is officially dead…..Adieu!….RMG…..Lol…

  19. Sweetest Victory from Rocky 4 should be your intro song. The boys are back in town would work too. The other clowns are irrelevant now, so move forward with vigor and a strong resolve and know that we are grateful for this.

  20. 21:40

    "Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times. "

    I see this pattern day in and day out at my job and with my peers. If you came into a community or work environment that is stable, you will become complacent and make it unstable. Only those that were able to create stability out of instability are those that can survive and lead the group appropriately.

    Masculinity is tested during times of war, not times of peace. If you are unsure of your competency and virility as man, that just means you haven't seen enough struggle in your life. You're living too comfortably.

  21. I'm so glad you guys got back together!

  22. I've been getting this chick @ my gym to qulafie to me, validation type shit,shes very used to attention,so I've been subtle, and I'm kinda new at this gym,so I noticed she chills B4 her training sessions,by my stuff,bar type area,keeping an eye on my drink,in a sense,so I took note,next day moved my shaker,keys & banana,she sits there,day earlyer I grabbed my stuff kinda outy,biz to take care of,on my way to lockers,I'm going bout my workouts,so anyway, she's chilling there,peaking her interest ignoring,arragence, Masculine, Friday I upd it,, evidently,she took more notice,so I was on my way out,struteted, literally arragent head up,perifie noticed her, standing,biteing her lip,(which was like all morning),turning her body,leg, following my strut.body language,was it all.shes a trainer,mother, beautiful muscle chick, Harley promo model,ig model,but thin kinda it's a interesting challenge to me.but I figured it's Milwaukee,burbs,she choice me,to see what I'm,,hair stuff like 1st time I noticed her,so I figured I'd play,the game.validation is the straight key w this one, alpha game.ill pill is so important.i think these chicks, validation,is so easy.not getting it is soo attractive.even in Milwaukee burbs.but time is important to me,I got to multitask,workout,mix some game in.her& another chick had a lil,scank,bitch,thing over me .body language was what I noticed and caught my attention.breifly.this gym is having is concert fundraiser wwp Charity next week after this I'll c,.red pill helps,in many areas of a man's life.mental physical etc.

  23. Competence is currency. A man's rationality and a woman's emotional nature will guide both of them to trust the competent individual. Being successful in one area will lead to success in others, and those who see pursuing excellence as purely "chasing pussy" will never understand it. There's a reason why a very fine line exists between being an incel and a MGTOW…

  24. i can't wait for carls breakdown if you guys get human or lfa on and he learns he's been a level 1 mgtow all this time by simply not having a girlfriend or wanting to get married yet laughs at them. it's going to be hilarious.

  25. Lol,be careful with those blue lenses,..cocky but be

  26. Pulled over to a Tim Horton’s to use their free wifi for this one. Thanks for the content.

  27. Seeing you guys again doing a show together felt so good! Make more episodes!

  28. Great show guys

  29. So happy to see y'all together

  30. Which rule? Rule Zero, motherfucker. Hell to the yeah.
    It's true- a lot of these intersexual principles & techniques translate to general human interactions and are very valuable to know. Great show.

  31. Fuck yeah, we're back!

  32. The gang is all here!!!

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