Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki's Top 10 Rules For Success (@theRealKiyosaki)

Check out these books by Robert Kiyosaki: * Rich Dad’s CASHFLOW Quadrant: * Rich Dad Poor Dad: * Rich …



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  1. I really really miss the bad economy. Now I understand why Robert said he makes his money in bad economies. I can't afford to invest in a good economy. Everything is overpriced!

  2. Here’s the problem with this guy. He claims to want to educate people, but he also preys upon their lack of education. The worst of it, someone reads his book and thinks they are now educated. Here are some points I have about where he is wrong.

    1. Don’t diversify – Why? That makes no sense. In finance, you are taught that in order to make more money, you need to take more risk. That is true, however there are two kinds of risk. Systematic and nonsystematic. Non-systematic risk is company-specific or asset specific. You are not compensated for risk that can be diversified away. The world doesn’t take pity on you for the fact that you only own one apartment instead of ten. Your rent checks don’t magically increase to compensate for the fact that if your tenant decides to stop paying you need to take them to housing court.

    If i own ten identical apartments, and you own one, let’s say. We paid the same for all of them. That means in percent terms, we expect to make the same amount of return. However, since you own one, you are taking more risk. But you still get the same return. An easy and plain example showing how diversification lowers risk without lowering return.

    2. Don’t save – hedge? What does this mean? Real-estate and hard commodities are inflation hedges. When people say save, they really mean invest. If you invest your money in the stock market(read: Sp500 etf or whatever), you will outpace inflation. You aren’t going to lose your purchasing power over time.

    3 – Add more assets not liabilities. – Balance sheets are easy; Assets = Liabilities + Equity.

    You either need to borrow money(increase liabilities) to buy assets, or increase equity. It’s a fixed equation. There is no magically way to increase assets.

    Overall, this guy gets people thinking about entrepreneurship, and wealth, but he also scares people away from traditional rational investing thought. Things that are tried and true, and have the math to back them up. He redefines basic financial terms to fit his particular strategy, and discredits/ignores others.

    Anyone who is interested in investing should read a basic finance 101 college textbook. Understand what risk is, where it comes from, how to get rid of it, and when you should not.

  3. Robert us a very smart man. This is the kind of teachers this world needs!!!!!

  4. Yeah really

  5. Design the business properly

  6. The more you give the more you receive

  7. How do you invest in gold? Any secure company? I need an accurate info. Thank you.

  8. There's this AMAZING book on Amazon called "Millionaire: Beyond Six Zeros: The Daily Grind And The True Cost Of Making Millions"… It's a Great Read..

  9. Thank you for this video, it makes me realize what is the most importatn thing to do and where to FOCUS.

  10. Thanks!!

  11. Give and it shall be given back to to you full measure pressed down and running over

  12. Hi Evan can you do a Dolf De Roos top ten please?? Would be great – thanks Shawn

  13. Please upload video on learning new language

  14. Robert is the best

  15. Let’s help each other grow!

  16. I'd like you to feature Bezos. Thanks!

  17. 1- Experience makes you smarter
    2- The more you give, the more you receive
    3- Change the way you think
    4- Focus
    5- Hard times Bring new opportunities
    6 – Design the business properly
    7- Know what you are working hard for
    8- Dont be afraid of losses
    9- Aim to acquire assets
    10- Stop saving money, hedge it.


  19. FOCUS

  20. I red the book
    'Rich Dad Poor Dad'
    It kinda opened my eyes.

  21. I just want to point out that the French translation is ridiculous and doesn't translate anything that is being said in this video

  22. Greàt book

  23. It's kind of awkward to be his dad…what a poor guy…i wonder if he was taken good care of when his son become so rich and famous

  24. Thanks! Extremely helpful!

  25. i love the fact he says he can't spell – inspiration

  26. No.9 increasing assets.
    Look at that ROBBY got back, you look good in your genes.

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