Obesity & Diabetes Explained: The Overflow Phenomenon

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  1. I wish more people would watch these types of videos. My brother just came out to me as anti-keto, so I'm hoping I can convince him to watch this.

  2. I'm on keto atkins

  3. Your explanation of how Japanese people develop diabetes easier puts my entire family line into perspective. They are German by descent, but all the men on my dad's side develop diabetes and none of them are overweight. In fact, some of them are underweight. So they get diabetes because their body doesn't allow them to store subcutaneous fat. That's wild.

  4. You talk a lot about carbohydrates, but you did not distinguish between Processed carbs and Unprocessed(who grains, legumes, and low glycemic carbs).

  5. All this is saying is that you need to eat less.

  6. None of this is science based. Low calorie will do the same thing as low carb.

  7. i love you but you cant show me all this beautiful bread footage and expect me to not immediately go make as much toast as my body can handle

  8. I cannot do keto, carnivore or low carb because it gives me heart palpitations. I love how you slip that advertising in. Awesome.

  9. People are waking up all over the world; that is, except the vegans but, they are so one-eyed they wouldn't see the truth if it tripped them up.

  10. I don't understand. Why not just find a way to process carbs/glucose as waste material instead of storing it? I know that's not how our bodies are designed to work, but with modern medicine, surely anything is possible?

  11. always love meat and dislike any form of bread

  12. The way to keep insulin low is to avoid overeating. The way to avoid overeating is to avoid exposing yourself to things that increase your appetite: MSG, wheat, dairy, caffeine, etc

  13. But what if you eat ALL your carbs with a LOT of fiber?

  14. So according to science the fattest people are the healthiest? Damn

  15. No concerns at all.

  16. Lol you think your logical but Neal Bernard's data is missing

  17. I need to get back on keto.

  18. People got diabetes because they eat a lot but at home slacking.

  19. how do the japanese manage to stay thin with all the rice they eat? Rice is like 70-80% Carbs.

  20. >tells us to eat low carb
    >shows pictures of delicious bread and pasta

  21. bigu is not for weight losing purpose. I am really curious about how you survive on extremely low carb diet or keto diet in Japan? Do you just eat port tonkatsu everyday?

  22. I'm really glad, I found your channel.

  23. Fung… ughh I'll pass

  24. please no advertising on your videos

  25. I enjoyed the fact that you used Switch UI sounds for effects in this video

  26. I hope you are right. Because any wrong information could harm a lot of people.

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