How Asbestos Lawsuits Are Handled: Trust Fund to Pay Settlements – Mesothelioma (2003)

Asbestos-related cases increased significantly on the U.S. Supreme Court docket after 1980. The Court has dealt with several asbestos-related cases since …



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  1. Since this video in 2003 – there still isn't much progress on treatments.

  2. I was diagnosed recently.  I've been in consultations with several well known doctors, who have had experience with this disease.  Still,  its really unknown how best to treat this.  I'm not very keen on the surgery or chemo, based on the quality of life afterward.   Anyone has any comments or recommendations, please feel free to comment.

  3. my mother and father both died from this and they both died painful deaths .  we have been in battle with 4 companies for 5 years now and we have only got around 60,000 within 5 years in total.   it was Uss Colby steel in ohio  wrongful death lawsuits have been put in place.   both my mom and dad were taken from us to early and it sickens me that they are taking there good old time and only getting small checks . i know know amount would bring them back or fill the void but it's not fair to anyone.

  4. I just want to say that a lot of them are liars. I remove asbestos for a living and have took in more asbestos than many will ever know. After 25+ years in the business, I've listen to people who sound, lung wise, better than me. I don't see making 70 years old. A lot of people are claiming for floor tile. Please !!! It contains very low counts of asbestos. I removed the boiler insulation and spray on at 80%.

  5. I draft and file bankruptcy claims for a plaintiffs firm specializing in asbestos litigation. I want to point out that quite a few very solvent companies have used subsidiary companies to file for bankruptcy so that they can pay pennies on the dollar for injury claims, for example: Halliburton, General Motors, Armstrong, and Kaiser have all done so. In the meantime, the parent companies get government bailouts or defense contracts. In the meantime, people are dying horrible and painful deaths leaving spouses, family, and friends behind with a void that cannot be filled.

  6. worth watching 🙂

  7. My deceased father in law passed away due to working at a factory that dealt with this material in the 80's as well in Kuwait

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