GIGANTIC Move Coming To Bitcoin & Crypto Markets!? BTC, ETH, XRP, Cryptocurrency & Stocks News!

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  1. Do you agree a big move is coming?

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  3. Flash sale

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  6. Bitcoin. Cant move . Will it

  7. u sound like omar bahm, lol

  8. The next decentralized coinbase

  9. Thanks for the video, nice job keep it up.

  10. Hope ya all bought Bitcoin earlier

  11. Binance is late on applying the real market price! This is called manipulation. I am tired of this way of working.

  12. It’s prob going to drop and pick back up at 3,400

  13. If you zoom out you can clearly see there's room to drop more.

  14. Still way too much bullishness around.

  15. its going to be a huge bull run in alts and i think most will be shocked how big the gains are and how fast it happens. It will shock lots of people. In my opinon.

  16. I have a feeling it will move down and then jump high for a short time before leveling off, higher than current levels. Charts are easy to paint a picture with….. but at the end of the day Crypto is a different game….. typical and traditional analysis does not seem to apply.

  17. however, if you bought even TODAY and NEVER still will WIN..years from now.

  18. i wonder if we are not heading for a major SPOOF….driving people OUT of the market, gathering their savings, and in the end, maybe this spring, crashing to its real low…with the computers involved making the market…smarter than humans…set to WIN…i am very very cautious…if the downward trend stops at the bottom of the wedge however, it will be hard NOT TO BUY IN… it a SPOOF.?

  19. Who thinks we are in "disbelief" phase right now?

  20. You can feel it. It's coming one way or another soon.

  21. Hope this giant move will put bitcoin under 1k value faster.

  22. it is bots in action forget what that candle means. wash-trading and arbitrage nothing more.

  23. Gigantic $130 swing is what we got today after the pump up then dump. Fakeout and terrible attempt at a liq hunt

  24. What site do you use to do TA? I love your videos allows me to learn so so much.

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