FAIL YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS – Motivational Video on Never Giving Up

You Will Fail Your Way To Success! It doesn’t matter how many times you fail as long as you Never Give Up! These motivational videos are created to motivate …



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  1. "just because you failed doesn't make you a failure" the definition of a failure is someone who fails? contradiction.

  2. At 1:30 he says talk to your professor. Yes, that worked for me back in college. There was a subject that I kept failing. I am an introvert n don’t open up but I gathered the courage n told my professor that I learnt whatever I could but I get so tense and afraid of failure on the day before the exam. He told me to go for a walk n calm ur mind on the evening before the exam. Also he said u can be afraid of failure the first time but you failed this subject many times so why don’t you chill out and write it for a change. I did that n I got the highest mark in that subject “Energy Systems” that anyone in my college ever got. To Sir with Love

  3. I failed today… I was not hoping to fail… Tears are rolling down but i will strike back InshaAllah

  4. I dont issue license for failures. For everything, there is a correct timing and a limited number of opportunities. Dont think that once the prize grows to its maximum size, then you would try to get it. It would not work.

  5. I failed high school today

  6. Thank you. I failed my maths today and it felt like my world was falling down.

  7. Thankyou so soooooooooo much

  8. Been trying hard for past 14 years and still not succeeded. Hope I can see the light at the end of the tunnel one day. But it's not easy to live with the feeling of failure

  9. I failed my test 3 times and I keep retaking the class. All my friends passed it except me. I feel so stupid

  10. If you don't fail in life then you not have any brilliant ideas in your head, I think so failure opens your vission in your mind to make further more better solution to overcome the problem

  11. Today was supposed to be my graduation and I did not meet the requirements, and I really want to redeem myself

  12. Damn, this was much needed – letting my emotions go. Yeah I just failed one of my biggest exam that may change my entire life. But I promise I will not fail for the second time!

  13. I really needed this
    Thank you

  14. This gives me a lol hope but I am still breaking down ?

  15. Look I go to boxing there is this kid who failed his GCSEs took a re-test he got top marks when ever you fall get back up,you fall 10times you get up 11 times never ever give up no matter what you come up against never give up,my dad was in the marines and was getting beat up he kept getting up and I’ll tell you one thing he got mad respect never give up

  16. I don’t care if I fail or pass 5th grade I will never stop trying and will not care about people looking at me like crazy I will keep going and be myself.

  17. I failed in German final test for Abitur and they announced my point yes of course I got zero. I lived in Germany since 2012 and I only learned in English. She told that in class all did great besides that 2 people are the worst in class for German test. Me . I felt that the teacher gave me more failure than my point.

  18. Thank You

  19. Failure is the key to success period!!!!

  20. To be frank everybody who is here is cheering themselves up( and yes that includes me), I'm not the type who watch these kind of videos cause I strongly believe that failure is a result of doing things badly, that's why it's more painful to me when I fail. I dont buy these "your suppose to fail thingy". Nice vid btw

  21. I just failed my first ever interview it felt really bad but I'm going to do my next one well and make my parents proud =').

  22. I faild my English final

  23. 1 failure you can recover from, but if you keep failing eventually you'll fall in a place you can't recover from.

  24. Today iam fail in my exam but iam sure iam never failed in my life

  25. I m a engineering student i m failed in engineering..but i never gave up…but now my belive on my self after failure is so lesss…i dont understand what i…i cant handle stress of studies and..not able to study..

  26. U can swim in my tears that’s how much I’ve cried

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