Dr Jason Fung – Understanding And Treating Type 2 Diabetes Dr Jason Fung

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  1. Excellent discussion. I've listened to many of your lectures but this really clarified my type 2 diagnosis and challenges to finally reverse diabetes. I'm healthier but not healthy. I've been doing keto for almost a year, on my own, lost 44 lbs but am still taking metformin 3x day @ 850mg. I cant seem to fast with success as I get so hungry and exhausted. My new approach is to work on fasting up to 24-36 hours, cutting sugar to almost zero, regardless of whether I have available carbs and have start taking 1/2 metformin tablet as I test my BS. I'm still taking almost the same dose of 2.5-3 x day @ 850 mg but my BS is slowly moving to under 100. A1c is 5.4. My goal is to reverse diabetes, lose another 15 lbs and get off most, if not all metformin. I'm off statins and off blood pressure meds. It's a slow journey for me. No more fatty liver but I still have a proportionally big abdomen. I will keep watching and learning. None of my doctors or nutritionists recommended, or support keto. Its lonely out here. My doctor is a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic but overweight and is no help nutritionally. How do educate the medical community more?

  2. Phenomenal video. Im a type 2 struggling for many years who to follow. Do i follow Dr. McDoughall, Dr. Esselstyn or U. So many studies state that high fat low carb diet sets u up for cardiac disease while i fear that a high carb low fat diet can burn out my pancreas due to overwork of the organ to keep my BS WNL. Pls advise. TY

  3. Help! Why am I still diabetic after 2 years of 20 net carbs on keto, IF, OMAD, exercise, losing 70#? Blood sugars remain 200-270!

  4. Dr Jason Fung should get a Noble Prize

  5. I love listening to Dr. Jason Fung. as there are no subtitles I need to translate simultaneously to my family. but still, they dont want to listen and see the relations…they keep telling me 5 meals a day in case you have T2D is a must…and I am sick of this bullshit 🙁

  6. What does the doctor think about berberine?

  7. I could only find one case study done online (only 3 patients). Dr. Jason fung should do more case studies on a larger scale, to show more proof

  8. The reason why there is no "cure" for anything , despite billions of dollars being raised/funded, is because big pharma cannot remain profitable if people are healthy. Big pharma (& other entities complicit w/ them) is basically big tobacco legally allowed to run wild. They are more clever than big tobacco, too. Big pharma kills us much more slowly than big tobacco. Gotta have sustainable revenue streams, right? Billions even trillions to be made from diabetes, cancer, chemo, vaccinations, etc. Those who actually care, like Dr. Fung, are campaigned to look like quacks. Doctors are not allowed to treat cancer patients with fasting in the U.S. There's chemo money to be made! Dr. Fung is a gift to humanity. Don't ever move or come to the U.S., Dr. Fung. You will not be allowed to continue the good work you are doing.

  9. Dr Jason Fung thank you so much. I recently had an add posted onto my Facebook time line for medical trials on Type 2 diabetes. The add claimed that Type 2 diabetes was caused through not enough insulin being produced. I challenged this and posted a link to your video. The lies being told are horrendous and trap people into illness and medications that do not work. I reversed my Type 2 diabetes thanks to your videos. My HBa1c test was 65 when I was diagnosed in October 2017 and I had awful health problems including memory lapses. My last test in December 2018 I was down to 37 and most of my health problems have gone into remission. Sadly the only person at the Doctor's who was interested in my 'miracle' was the receptionist who saw my results. She had Type 2 diabetes I told her to look at your videos.. The Doctors and the diabetic nurse did not seem interested at all. Shame on them ! I have changed my doctors now.THANK YOU YOU SAVED MY LIFE. ( I am in the UK )

  10. I had been identified as having diabetic issues several months ago. I am presently 64 years of age. Getting diabetes is really a distress for me personally, and also the fact that I`ll be struggling the effects of diabetes like my dad. The good news is, I`ve found this excellent guide “Gαjοjο Fivu” (Google it). Based on my initial test results, I`ve got 7.3 A1C and 183 for my glucose level. Right after a week of reading the plan, I have managed to lessen my A1C to 5.9..

  11. I wonder if those individuals that have Neanderthal DNA (per: 23andMe) are more susceptible to have Insulin Resistance in the current age. Grains have only been on earth for 10,000 years, Neanderthals were on earth before that when there were just fruits and vegetables and some fish for a food source. Their DNA was designed to survive long periods on self stored fat. As Dr. Fung would say, "Occam's Razor".

  12. Makes perfect sense

  13. What a sensible man!!


  15. I had been clinically determined to have diabetes almost a year ago. I am presently Sixty four years of age. Having diabetes is really a distress for me personally, not to mention the fact that I`ll be struggling the effects of diabetes like my father. Thankfully, I`ve discovered this brilliant guide “Gαjοjο Fivu” (Google it). The main test outcomes show that my glucose was at 183 and my A1C was 7.3. After a week of reading the plan, I`ve managed to lessen my A1C to 5.9..

  16. Dr Jasun Fung is a Hero

  17. I must tell you about a person who helped me with Diabetes! He is the only one, who can tell you a step by step way how to cure it. Just open DIABETES. XCOURSE. XYZ and watch his amazing story!

  18. When are you coming to London UK to educate the medical professionals?
    Here Patients are being very badly let down!

  19. Is he drinking Vodka? legend

  20. Great

  21. U da Man!

  22. can someone summarise this into diet action points please.

  23. @KenDBerryMD And how awesome is it of YOU to applaud another medical doctor for telling the TRUTH about T2D and its source: our crappy, carb overload, sugar-loaded diets! You and Dr Fung have basically saved my life. Both of you guys are God-sends. Much Love!

  24. Hello! What about type 1 diabetes? My brother has has type 1 since he was 12 and is now 20. Is there potential for reversal by diet and fasting?

  25. Most definitely the biggest paradigm shift….
    I tried it works….if you plan to cut carbs on daily level then you are " born again " surly.
    liver and pancreas will rest while you are fasting.

  26. This Doctor is a gift to humanity : God bless his fantastic efforts to serve the wellbeing of humans -thank you !

  27. Nobody I have seen, before, can make a complicated topic so understandable without dumbing down the curriculum.

  28. Thank you Dr Fung I stopped working due to an accident 3 years ago and I have had predisposition to diabetes with high blood glucose levels this whole time so my doctor started me on metformin for the last few months but it really causes stomach upset diarrhea so I stopped taking it. My A1C last week was 6.6 a finding of diabetes. My fasting BG was 9 obviously stressful few days and even though I had done 16 hour fast in the past this time it wasn't bringing the number down…. So I decided to go as long as I can and I am happy to report that as I watch this video and get inspired from your lectures I just got to the 32 hour mark and no hunger yet been drinking water with a bit of lemon juice and some Himalayan salt. I am determined to reverse this disease and improve my hypertension at the same time once again thank you for inspiring and thank you for being a beacon of hope.

  29. Thank you so much for your teachings. Now I know there is hope for my patients with diabetes 2 in my country, now you are my new master

  30. I started doing this by accident. I had horrible stomach pain so I only ate once a day. I lost 20 pounds in a few months and my stomach stopped hurting. I sort got away from it , I haven’t gain weight so I am going back to ( one meal a day) . Thank you dr Fung

  31. I am 52 yo diabetic type 2 since 2013.
    I am fasting nearly 7 weeks and I stopped all the carbs sweets and I am jogging 3 times a week.
    Very surprising results:
    I lost 17 kg in weight.
    My blood sugar is very normal it looks I am cured.
    My diet consists only of raw veg fruit semi skimmed milk fish
    I eat too much garlic red onion lemon lime & grapefruit.
    I'll keep this diet forever I love it.
    I could never believe it

  32. When it comes to food 3 things are important. 1 What to eat, 2 How much to eat and 3 When to eat. Keep those 3 factors in balance and you will be healthy and happy. Nothing god made is bad. The amount makes something good or bad. Sugar is not bad. The amount of sugar we consume is bad. Also you're body can reset itself, but you have to give it a chance. Rocket science?? No, just common sense!! Eat like our grandfathers did and live a healthy and happy life.

  33. Interesting, its important to spread the info about diabetes.

  34. Hi Doc, i wanted to ask you about a study i just read on psysiology.org about long term keto diet causes glucose intolerance and reduced b-cell and a-cell size from the pancreas in a mice study they did. I was interested in your thoughts on this subject. the study was from march 2014 thanks

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