Diabetes Hits Hardest in Poor Countries That Aren't Overweight. Why?

We tend to think of Type 2 diabetes as a scourge caused by the fatty diets and sedentary lifestyles of modern Western countries. But scientists are now realizing …



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  1. It's because of genetic differences in populations. Blacks, Mexicans and whites gain more weight than orientals and Indians and Pakistanis.

    Sugar causes the diabetes at the same rates, but those races don't gain as much weight.

  2. I was listening to a Standard lecture from a decade ago talk about this. Heredity is not just genetic. They noticed this after WWII in the Dutch population I believe, where the Nazi basically forced starvation there. A similar effect appeared there, and also in those children's children.

  3. Interesting!

  4. My mom had anerexia b4 I was born wtf

  5. It's rice and banana

  6. Diabetes Hits Hardest in Poor Countries That Aren't Overweight. Why?
    3 simple reasons :
    – Supermarket food low in fat and high in carbs and loaded with sugar for improving taste and conservation of the product, this food represent 85% of any product you find in the supermarket
    – Fast food restaurants food
    – Sugary drinks (The big disaster)
    Combine those 3 for health disaster ..

  7. Diabetes can happen to anyone whether you weigh 90lbs or 400lbs

  8. The problem is high glycaemic index starch like sticky rice and sugar.

  9. Eating too many high glycemic foods causes diabetes. It is not a secret. There are people who feed their pet monkeys junk food. The pet monkeys ask for more junk food like an addiction and easily get diabetes.

    It is important to eat a balanced meal. Consume carbs that have a low glycemic index or mix high glycemic foods with meats, chicken, fish, non-carb vegetables. It is how fast the spike in blood sugar that matters. One serving of white rice affects the upside to 10%.

  10. Vegan and non-refined sugarist since October 2018 and havent felt better since. Because the of Mac Donalds, KFC, poptarts and candy the developing countries will also be diseased like most Westerners.

  11. Or, these kids are eating the same vegetarian trash as their parents, which causes a lack of vitamin B12. Fat and meat/organs are protective against diabetes. Just stop eating constant sugar and eat animals like we're supposed to.

  12. sugar is as dangerous as alcohol. would be bying glasses of wine to your children the way you buy them ice cream? there is no difference. sugar also causes brain damage (eg alzheimer's disease, dementia ) mood swings – happiness andsugar crushes/depressions – repeat thousands of times and you are damaged goods, zombie

  13. its epidemic here in Philippines and the people are getting fat like the west, the western corporate food conglomerates see the markets in asia as very profitable

  14. Can someone please summarise this video to me ?
    I watched it, but I still don't quite get the conclusion .

  15. You know where malnutrition comes from british rule and also malnutrition is genetic after british rule average height decreased in India every fucking bullshit comes from britain sugar processed food
    If indians wants to be strong they have to start weight lifting because it increases muscles and decrease vescral fat and indians have to don't eat sugar before british rule indians eat jaggery which is poorest form of sugar but rich in iron

  16. Maybe it has something to do with low muscle mass?

  17. Even laypeople know that BMI is a highly flawed metric for measuring health.

  18. 5:48 did they just take a raw ass lancet and stick the guy with it, no striker device? yikes.

  19. Industrial seed oils, high PUFA diet, etc also play a role. There are cultures with low incidence of diabetes who range from very low carb, to very high carb intake. The unifying factor appears to be the introduction of high PUFA intake, which in turn leads to greater insulin resistance, metabolic derangement, & carb intolerance.

  20. I was told I'm diabetic six months ago and have gotten worse by the day! Going to doctors has been a joke and useless! I'm in constant pain and told I can't get any pain medicine! Because of junkies killing themselves overdosing! I have went to 7 doctor's and have gotten nothing but pissed off but they are getting rich from my insurance for doing nothing but telling me to go to someone else! Hard to believe there's something lower than a lawyer but doctors are worse by far! So I sit with diabetic nerve pain day after day with vary little sleep or leaving the house waiting to die or lose my mind because of some stupid junkies and doctors that couldn't care less!

  21. The problem is not fat it's sugar

  22. Very informative video.

  23. Look at the sugar and refined carb intake… it's the kiss of death.

  24. I also had lifelong B12 deficiency which we did not know about until 4 or 5 years ago. My nerve damage was getting far worse so my neurologist tested for B12 and intrinsic factor and now I need to take a B12 injection every month at home.

  25. Please pass along your social media if you cannot help and I am open to any and all questions. Thank you so much! 🙂https://www.gofundme.com/too-young-to-be-housebound?sharetype=teams&member=731184&rcid=r01-153974828211-70a2e815f4e54d07&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m

  26. I am 100% insulin-resistant as I have a genetic disorder no one else in the world has as of yet but causes my insulin receptors not to function. I was a research patient and they won't speak to me any longer and the lead doctor is the dean of Harvard Medical School now. Is also a man in England who studied me in Boston and then when I lived in the UK wanted my blood. His name was O'Rehilly. My doctors as I said said will not even speak to my doctors. If anyone is interested in trying to help me and name this I would be grateful.

  27. You see? We think of Indians as eating healthy because so many of vegetarian or vegan. Trust me don't go vegetarian or vegan to lose weight it's just as easy to gain weight as it is to lose it. There is a lot of vegan junk food out there even eating too much fresh fruit is a bad thing too much of anything is a bad thing. I will say as I have said before the country is allowing this junk food in and the people are buying it when they don't have to! I gave up all of that processed food for the most part when I went vegan. I didn't go vegan to lose weight I went vegan for the right reasons but even before that I hadn't had anything fried or fast food in years and the last time I had fast food was two years ago I went to Wendy's and got a Blackberry lemonade because I was going to be 45 minutes on the road. People don't have to purchase the junk food I would rather have high quality food and less of it than junk food and more of it! People need to take responsibility and stop with the junk food! Yes it can be like an addiction but so is smoking and I quit smoking after 40 years I had my first cigarette at 8 years old and was a regular smoker by 12 years old. I moved where I live now and I quit overnight I couldn't smoke in here so I ordered Vape system which I have long since graduated from but I have not had a cigarette in nearly 4 years and I have cigarettes in the laundry room which are probably horribly stale. But what it shows is that I can live with cigarettes in the house and not open a pack and smoke it Outdoors. If I am extremely nervous or having anxiety I will pick up my vape and a cup of coffee and I don't think I will ever go back to cigarettes so it can be done and if you have children don't let them start! Don't make food a fun family thing on the weekend because you go to KFC and Taco Bell! Have game night or movie night make popcorn don't go out to the fast-food because there's nothing else to do. And don't bring it into your home. Indians used to bake and still do quite a bit at home and it's much healthier than buying pastries and candy bars in the shops. Elizabeth MD Ph.D food and nutrition science PhD microbiology

  28. So essentially, prenatal exposure to increased fat levels ready the cells by helping them adpot a certain insulin training pattern & become resilient to future fat flooding.

    However when cells are deprived of this training (aka low birth weight) their response to increased fat levels later in life is erratic & haywire.

  29. The John Yudkin in this video is the nephew of the John Yudkin who wrote Pure, White and Deadly. He most certainly knows sugar causes diabetes, unless he is a complete idiot.

  30. John Yudkin? Any relation to John Yudkin, author of Pure, White and Deadly? the man who tried to warn us back in the 1950's that sugar consumption causes heart disease?

  31. Sugar causes diabetes. Always has, always will.

  32. As a student of behavioral genetics/genetic engineering, I enjoyed this documentary very much. Excellent job.

  33. Eat, sleep, fuck and enjoy life! Wherever it stop, it stops.

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