Bitcoin Party OVER?! (What To Look For!) July 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

My fully comprehensive road map to becoming a COMPLETE Trading Boss! + VIP DIscord Access*** …



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  1. you sound like sports commentator, talking too fast 🙂

  2. alts are all look same because of bots have the highest volume.. doesnt matter how many people spent at above real value

  3. if something is overvalued at ico. it will go below that

  4. tone vays the top trader that doesnt TRADEE

  5. this move in the 9/14 range on both ways has been too quick… newbies and reatail probably didn't even notice the dump,
    ,media started to talk about btc just a week agò,so mom and pop didn't even have the time to register on coinbase.
    this was probably just shark profits before we catch 20k..
    cheers Krown yo Grind.

  6. Hi Krown! I like how you wrapped up the stream today, with yourthoughts on where the market is going if prices broke certain levels.

  7. Your awesome dude but you lost me at recommending Sunny Decree…. He is a hack and puts out a lot of BS content.

  8. 41:10 you're the real deal bro

  9. I just dont understand the 368 and 512 , my God , im 40 and i dont even get it.
    I dont trade, but its interesting.
    I am trying to get out of this video, why the rapid price increase and how to know if we are doing "what%" price correction.

  10. Look for Dash in the alt season

  11. How can a man handle situation, where you make love with your wife and bitcoin flash crash, your are not able to move, but your alarms goes off like crazy… Life poses hard decissions sometimes 🙂 . Admirations for all you do Krown, really like your channel

  12. Krown my old lizzard. I finally bough my 100$ worth of bitcoin as sacrifice. You know what they say about chaos theory.

  13. I've never met a profitable trader who uses fib lines. I'm new to your channel. You may be the first. Going to keep watching for a few weeks. Prove me wrong please.

  14. Well, well, well!

  15. nice

  16. proof of trade on youtube let the movement spread! thanks for everything, krown

  17. Found your channel from Ivan on Tech, love your work and your approach keep it up!

  18. Amazing. Learning and laughing, good times! I think there's a huge market for a censored version of your show though. Lol. Thanks for all you do. Your hair is NOT stupid bro, not at all.

  19. Head n shoulders confirmed?

  20. Φ VS BTC 1-0

  21. He'll ya some great dumpage lets get crypto lol

  22. Cheers Krown, took BTC profits after yesterdays show at the 0.618 fib level… nice one, many thanks.

  23. we are probably going back

  24. Dump it baby

  25. I am leaving coinbase … fcking server down, i can´t authorize and sign up

  26. Dude thank you for the detail explanation…I'm still in a long with gain from below 10K…but will not be panic

  27. Yeah BTC coirection $10k

  28. Damn Krown. You predicted that this video will self destruct in a couple of hours lolol we're now over $1000 lower since you've recored the video. NASTY BTC PRICE ACTION!

  29. dump hair!

  30. thanks brother.. amazing content.. always looking forward to your videos…

  31. Party is over for now… gonna see 9500 by next week.

  32. 42:30 i guess some people just hodl and so that is their trade

  33. bro I went in at the same time you did 100$ lmfaoo

  34. So glad you praised Sunny, he has matured a lot – followed him for years – He use to say a lot of the same crap as the others (because that and investopedia is how he learned) BUT – he has grown and matured, as an engineer he has a naturally inquisitive and analytical brain. I like him too he understands what Bitcoin is going to do to the financial world which is commendable.

  35. Hello best of the bests … is it Mr. or Mrs. Btc now? I have to know that, its of crucial importance, since the man behaves so differently than the woman!

  36. What a ride! This cone doesn't get boring…

  37. It is said that Krown knew his Mom oscilators before he could pronounce his chicken tendies giver's name

  38. 7 dislikes…7 people who got REKT

  39. Thank you very much mate, have a nice lovely day ,))

  40. Easily my favourite crypto youtuber…..

  41. For all of you lazy, thankless lizards. Timestamps!
    37:01 ETH
    39:00 LTC
    40:16 LINK
    43:29 ADA
    44:08 BTC Dominance Chart
    46:28 BNB
    46:58 ZEC
    47:27 BCH
    47:49 TRX
    48:00 NEO
    48:09 EOS
    48:17 XRP
    49:38 XLM
    50:16 SPY
    50:01 Rap this bitch up

    Be a thankful lizard.

    BTC 3HWXujSKZX18Qmrdb7hXoDzKRkDdN1jQoS
    ETH 0x147806A1e342C048C1Ab9ba596D3C3C4458228Ec

  42. Krown that was really interesting, might be useful to discuss how to get the trade in fast enough ? Is there any preparation (getting ready to hit the button?) or not? I set an alert and by the time I got the price entered and checked I was happy with the potential loss the trade had happened! How can I improve my "readiness planning" Great video though ? Got liquidated with that big red dildo (Only £20) Limit stop was just shish kebabed.

  43. this message gonna self destruct in two hours 🙂 🙂 🙂 brillant…lov ya man…thnk for you input! xx

  44. again !

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