Bitcoin BULLISH AGAIN?! – LIVE Crypto Market Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News 2019




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  1. Did you dance with the moon boy Patrick and James at the watercooler?

  2. It just crashed, I was waiting for this moment, every Sunday man, every Sunday

  3. Love you Kirbs, from James, Joe and Pat.

  4. Where going to the moon Kirbs oh yeah oh yeah

  5. Good video

  6. we all dancin' with the moon boys tonight lol

  7. You are a Legend Kirby!!! We need to see Capitulation to $1K before Bear Market ends!!!!

  8. Please answer this question for me kirby… have we double bottomed yet??

  9. It’s a Trap!

  10. “U da man Kirbs”….care of Henry the HODLER!

  11. Time to take profits! We're going to the doom!

  12. moon becomes moonboy now

  13. dude , i love your video , especially your hand-desk knocks

  14. Same money circling the wagon. Bottom not in until new money begins entering market.

  15. LOL @ 7:177:28

  16. Awesome TA as always, love your videos. What are your thoughts on the Elliot wave theory? Do you think that this can be an abc correction? Thanks Kirbs!!!

  17. We're going to the moon!

  18. You’re one of the best on BTC Technical Analysts. Appreciate your work Kirby.

  19. This is it Kirby!!

  20. You are just bad ass bro! DON DON KIRBANACHIO!!! Lets get this CRYPTO!

  21. There is still too much exubrance in this market for the bear market to be over

  22. This is the only video that deserve this siren ! Puuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmpppppppppppppppppp !

  23. Ltc to 75 usd soon

  24. I’m glad you’re crushing the market. Desks can be expensive to replace. How many have you broken???

  25. dancing with the boyz… here it is kirby ! lol

  26. Let's get this crypto!

  27. Kirby is long once AGAAAAAIN!

  28. LoL i got stopped out was looking for a better pull back to enter a long trade again but i feel its to late at this point for a long trade for this leg of the move so i'll wait for my next opportunity.

  29. btc will touch 4500$ to 5000$ then going down to 2700$

  30. Important update, thanks again as always for your expertise Kirb!

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