Binance ban USA customers, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency regulation begins.

So Binance Have banned USA customers, this is a big change for the cryptocurrency market with the biggest bitcoin / cryptocurrency exchange being the first to …



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  2. So as of right now what crypto currency exchange platform is ideal for US users ?

  3. Gavin andreesen was approached by the CIA years ago. Bitcoin has been coopted and stalled. Every person who didn't realize this just sealed that deal for them. Try to understand that a block size cap is a death sentence for bitcoin

  4. London 🙂
    I'm coming round for a cuppa

  5. We will destory KYC forever! No one deserves to know what you have for money or how much you have. It is not a necessary evil. What's evil is the notion you have to pay taxes or that anyone has the right to know what you have

  6. We, the crypto community, refused to be regulated. In any way. ever! Regulators will be deal with swiftly.

  7. Do you think there will ever be a big altcoin season again?

  8. Too right, regulation shows it is going mainstream.

  9. If only you could talk slower, or remember that not everyone was brought up to listen that fast!

  10. Man, channel was just at 11k subs not very long ago…has tripled since. Keep up the good work

  11. The broadening wedge – couple variables tho…outcome often depends on previous trend plus there's always partial rises or falls

  12. I was looking at nash/nex a week or so back.. What's the different tokens… That's a Nash…. And a nex?? Which one should I be looking at? Thanks…

  13. Binance had to pull out of the US market because he's trying to get away from US regulations that are going to find him guilty of consumer fraud and market manipulation along with his whale buddies. Trump is coming run

  14. Do you all know who's coming soon? I think you know. Yeah BITCONEEEEEEEEET.

  15. India has second most traffick? wat

  16. Wow No US customers ?? What a cave in job and to go against what put them in business and everything crypto (financial freedom) stands for very SAD !!

    BOYCOTTBINANCE.COM has been purchased.

  17. You view on regulation is misguided, unfounded and not helpful. Stop shilling this lie of regulation is good. A free market will choose the best products and services the rest will fail. The gov isn't smarter than the market

  18. Welcome back!

  19. bad title man – you know better than that

  20. Brian, you stopped calling us Brian recently.

  21. Check Bitcoin Confidential (BC). 100% private since genesis. Only trading in few enchanges. Project is good, check their webpGe and Discord. Good xommunity and growing.

  22. The funniest thing is the Twitter btc maxis claim to be 'taking down banks and traditional finance' then cream their pants and get little stiffies when major banks, finical institutions and governments get involved….epic lolzzz

  23. We missed you and your news, let it rip 😉

  24. Ku Coin has been KYCing USA for like 1 year

  25. @That Martini Guy do a video about the upcoming bitcoin halving, and what it will do regarding the price.

  26. Even tho iam from the future, that is not what i would call a bear flag, the actual flag is far to big to be bear flag, the bounce should be shallow with low volume for it to be an actual bear flag, this is atleast what i have learned, and the weekly looks like a bull flag.

    You can also argue that ETHBTC is not a bull flag, since the flag is to big, but then again alot of these things are entierly subjective and might not actually do what you want them too, i sincerly hope thats a bull flag on ETHBTC.

  27. RIP to USA why dont you all move to England!

  28. i that time i told as a bad idea you sell the BNB you dont lissen.

  29. what country do i set my vpn to??

  30. how come you never have a martini?

  31. Would love to hear your review of NASH (NEX) 🙂 🙂

  32. Welcome back. There's something wrong with the market… like off right now… While bitcoin price rising to above $8400+ the majority of alt coins is pumping in reverse or having a negative pump for whatever reason. I'm sure this is just temporary, but is still very interesting to watch some having double digits negative reverse pump.

  33. Regulations will turn crypto into the beast system. And you'll be Rich at first but you'll end up poor in the end anyway.

  34. Nash does require KYC for anything about $1k in daily trading per account. They made a conscious choice to be legally compliant because they want to be around for a long time.

  35. If exchanges start applying same survailance and control techniques as banks under political pressure of the US government, what s the whole point of crypto ?

    We might as well carry on with PayPal, Visa and traditional banks and forget about BTC, Satoshi Nakamoto and the whole idea of the money of the people from the people.

    Well, i guess that nothing of this really matters to you , dear Martini friend, in the face of the greater good, which, as far as I understand from your words, consists in having BTC price skyrocket to 1 Million and cash out your position.

    If this is what you think, you should consider that accepting AML, KYC and any form of authoritarian control and/or limitation of freedom, reduces the real value of BTC as a technology, making it intrinsically worthless , thereby decreasing the chances of BTC getting to 1 Million and all of us driving Lambos.

    In fact, should BTC lose its freedom properties, any number attached to its exchange rate would be only a matter of speculation and FOMO levels.

    Just think about it: if BTC stops being decentralized, open, nuetral, borderless and censorship resistent, why should we keep investing in BTC , which can process only a hanfull of transaction per second?

    At that point we may just invest in TRON, Facekook Tokens or PayPal which would be equally (NOT)free, centralized and survailed but also… more performant.

    I hope that you will want to answer to this point I raised here, because many people follow your channel and you have the moral duty to go beyond FOMO creation and LIKEs collection to get deep into the real potential and meaning of Bitcoin as a tool for social and political change.

  36. yall hear about the chinese dude lost 2k BTC trading on bitmex with 100x leverage and then killed himself. stay safe yall

  37. Great video bro! Bitcoin has just smashed and surpassed it's high of $4,201 since February this year and is at $8,257 mark and this could mean a good thing for us traders and hodlers as well. The probability is so high that we could ride the bulls up to the next important resistance of $9,100. It will be great for us all if that happens and we must be ready for the outcome that presents itself by searching a way to expand our portfolio in advent of the much expected bull run. Two ways to do this is by using a strategy called dollar cost average to purchase and assemble which has its upsides and downsides or by purchasing a fair amount and speedily expanding by trading which of course has its upsides also. A word of caution, trading is highly profitable and can return as much as 400% as profit depending on your trade skills and frequency. However, do this only if you are remarkably good at both technical analysis and chart /news reading or obtain the assistance of a professional who offers services in signals and strategies. There are a number of professional but am most comfortable with Dwayne Ferguson because his system is so easy and his signals are extremely accurate. I have used his guidance lot of times and i have never been disappointed. You need a prosperous trader as a guide because you can easily imitate his prosperity. Mr Dwayne Ferguson is available to reach by mail <>

  38. Need that intro bro

  39. so how long until the powers that be crack down on nash? do you really think they will allow such secretive transactions

  40. USA land of the free haha

  41. And thus $ETN has been way ahead of this game.

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