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  1. Thanks to GlucoseZone

  2. Amazing Thanks

  3. Thank you sooo much. I was looking for something like this since 1 year. Just want one more help from you…. Could u please suggest me any diet before and after this excersice…

  4. Good I’ll start from tomorrow I think it’ll work thank you so much

  5. I`ve utilized prednisone as remedy for my pneumonia without knowing that it has risen my blood glucose levels and ultimately caused diabetes. During that time, my A1C is 10.1, which is extremely high. Luckily, I`ve read about this straightforward guideline “Gαjοjο Fivu” (Google it). Right after Two months, my 2nd tests showed that I was able to lessen my A1C to 6.8, that is .3 above normal..

  6. My good friend proposed this “Gαjοjο Fivu” (Google it) for my weight and diabetic issues. This informative guide has shared me the optimal exercise and also diet program to follow. Right after one day on the diet program my own blood glucose levels was down about 35 points, and by day Four it was down about Sixty points. That worked very well, nonetheless, and I felt great. I am so happy which I was able to stabilize my blood sugar levels..

  7. How many days a week sir?

  8. This is the only video that got me motivated to do something about my diabetes. I started with this 30 min. program, and now I walk 80 min every single day. I am a senior. THANK YOU!

  9. Geniaal vamos a.hacerlo

  10. This exercise really made my bs go down

  11. Loved it…want to see more of this…I hope there will be more videos of these kinds of exercises in the near future….

  12. This was a good workout for anyone! Thank you!

  13. i am diabetic 55 years old, this guy is putting me to sleep.

  14. Hi guys! I will be 65 years old this summer and I truly don't want to feel my age more than is necessary. I consider myself a fitscript champion cause I have worked my way up to Total Body Exercise Level 2 along with chair strength training with the dumbbells along with yoga three times a week faithfully. I have been following you guys over a year and have experienced a marked improvement in my quality of life. I am so grateful for the ease and flow of your routines Charlie and look forward to try new ones as I improve. I see that you guys have tee shirts with the glucosezone logo on them. Is there anyway I can purchase a tee shirt for myself? Once again, keep helping those of us who have experienced limited mobility and have made a change. Thanx!

  15. I am very pleased with this video exercise for diabetes improvement. Thank you

  16. Wonder why I can't get rid of this dawn phenomenon…. it's making me crazy and it's actually gotten worse. This morning 109 and my blood work from last labs my A1C went from 5.7 to 5.4

  17. 138 is high

  18. How many times a day is best?

  19. have been doing dis and is very helpful. its also easy

  20. Hi! i liked this video, and also i want to use the links of your videos and apply it on a mobile application which is promoting avoidance and prevention of diabetes. that way, your videos will be watchable from the mobile app. i hope you give me your permission. thank you and God bless!

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