Backpacking Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos) – Devon Gray

Check out my pictures from the trip : Instagram @DevonGray Spent the last 2 months backpacking Southeast Asia …



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  2. Amazing footage, thank you! Enjoy our travel tips to visit Southeast Asia and choose the best time of the year to go!

  3. where'd you go to shoot a rocket launcher haha?

  4. Do you have an itinerary somewhere? I'd love to hit up some of these places when I go

  5. Belter

  6. Amazing Video, Explorer!!!
    I Love Asia

  7. Could you name the places?

  8. Such a good edit

  9. Where was that tattoo done?

  10. How much did you spend for the whole trip? Looks like u had loads of fun

  11. Go to Santorini Greece, your eye with the camera and music would be something I would pay to see.

  12. Wow! I love it. Planning to go backpacking also in Indochina this coming April! Thanks for this video! You cn subscribed on me also. I'm just a newbie here in youtube.

  13. Love the editing & choice in music!!

  14. What kind of cameras did you use! Great job!

  15. Amazing vid and trip!!

  16. love it !!!

  17. Please tell me where you got to fire an rpg and pop some frags so I can go next summer

  18. love the video, places, everything!! just wondering what editing video software are you using?

  19. devon, your vids are so creative and captivating! awesome content, keep it up. btw I just made a cinematic style vid on spain. it would be great if you could check me out, and maybe even sub!

  20. Dope video

  21. Wow… This editing is insane man. Had to re-watch that palm tree transition like 5 times. Keep it up, I've subbed. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

  22. Fuckin sick bro

  23. what do you use to edit your videos these transitions are dope!

  24. what luts did you use?

  25. Hey man great videos! What part of the city are you from?

  26. Super video! Looked like an amazing adventure 😀

  27. amazing

  28. That's so cool! That must have been a great experience

  29. cool vids man keep it up

  30. Inspiring! That's right, if someone wants to be genuinely happy, one should not grow up. 😀 I'm pretty sure the thrivers would love to have you around. Join them in their adventure this year, please. Check out the Thriver website to know more.

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