Aunty Success At War With Emmanuella: "I Quit" (Mark Angel Comedy)

Aunty Success At War With Emmanuella: “I Quit” (Mark Angel Comedy)



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  1. Mai li faut le traduit en français stp

  2. Cool love

  3. Infact uncle u are an animal, don't worry I'm suspended. Aunty Success i love you more

  4. See heein I`m a Senegalese citizen but I am watching Mark angel so many times with Emmanuella and Success Chioma Chukumeka Denilson Papa Success Aunty Buky and others Greetings from Senegal

  5. Great kids ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. can you bring us something new ?

  7. Success is funny than Emmanuelly who agrees with me

  8. What do you mean by war between them?
    It's a foolish quote

  9. Please all my African brothers and sisters please go see my video just come out today just type [bliye-tet-mwen-by-phephe] it will show up much love from Haiti

  10. it's 100N

  11. In fact I really love success she is very very good

  12. ?
    Why don't you bring us something new

  13. Aunty Success

  14. Success

  15. Aunty success I love u

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