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  1. metabolic processes are simplified too much, causing inaccuracy and some wrong information

  2. fatty acids cannot make glucose in human body. the information presented is inaccurate and not free of mistakes

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  10. I like this speaker. Clear

  11. This Was Incredible! Thank You So Much!

  12. YES! Wow, what a lecture. Easy to follow, short, to the point, packed with essential basics. 100% ☺☺☺

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  13. Amazing explanation

  14. my cat suffered this and then he died we didn't have enough money to save him. i hate being poor

  15. My son's ran away since the 16th of March. He is Type 1 diabetic, and has had DKA 4 times in the last 6 months. He is 16, reported a runaway and there's a warrant out for his arrest. I am just very worried because he should be running out of his diabetic supplies, wherever he is. I hope the police find him soon and he gets the medical and mental health care that he deserves and needs.

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  17. Excellent video and your voice is rather soothing too.

  18. good work…i luv the vid.tanx

  19. When I found out I had diabetes I was rushed to hospital, my blood sugar was around 50. I had abdominal pains, severe dehydration, and altered mental states, never felt nausea or vomited though.

  20. Also, why is it, when you go to the hospital for anything, the first thing they do is put a glucose drip in your veins. This should only be done for people who are thin as a rail and dying of starvation. How can I tell doctors, nurses and other hospital and ER staff NOT to give me glucose??? A salt drip (Na + K) will save your life, but the sugar will kill you. What's up, Doc?

  21. I've done a lot of study on the ketogenic diet, which involves light ketones in the urine, as a result of burning fat, not protein. This is called, "ketosis" as opposed to "ketoacidosis." The brain can do just fine without glucose, and, if I remember correctly, converts ketones to glucose. But the big key here seems to be cutting your carbs, hugely. No bread, no rice, no potatoes, no spaghetti, cut out candy, anything with sugar (which is almost everything), and increase your fat intake.

    It's suggested that you reduce your total daily carb intake to about 50 gm/day. Try it. One slice of bread and you're almost over it. It's very difficult to do. The good news is, carbs increase your insulin levels, which in turn, sends hunger signals to the brain, which causes you to eat more. Since carbs are "big" that's what we end up filling-up on. Sometimes, so much, that our stomachs hurt. Protein shuts off the hunger switch, carbs turn it back on. So the good news is that, if you don't eat the carbs, you don't stay hungry.

    I was curious about this, because kidney failure is very often associated with diabetes, but also, it's been shown in various studies, that carbohydrates in the diet tend to overload the kidneys, so they become less efficient. Thus, they're not able to process and eliminate salt (sodium) from the blood as easily, so people with high blood pressure are told to stop eating so much salt.

    On the ketogenic diet, I've increased my salt intake to 23,000 mg per day (you have to do the numbers, but this comes out to 5,000 mg of sodium and 5,000 mg of potassium – minimum RDA for both), because the kidneys are functioning very efficiently, so you need to replenish your salts. Salts, of course, potassium and sodium, and the electro-pump that move nutrients, proteins, and other important things in and out of the cells, through the cell walls, without which, cells will die.

  22. My problem understanding this in DM2 = why would you die from ketones when there's other situations (ceto-genic diet, starvation, people that don't eat carbohydrates) where you can be on ketones with low level of insulin and still maintain your body running???? No insulin, means no storage, but why would you die from CKD that quickly but no starvation?

  23. This was a wonderful video! Your voice is also so calming 🙂 Thanks so much!

  24. I love you. Your explanation was so clear and covered it all!

  25. skin will be hot and dry not cool and clammy. cool clammy is hypoglycemia

  26. So the body still produces more glucose even though it can`t utilize it? That sounds a bit counter-productive. Great video btw!

  27. thank you, this was extremely helpful!!

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  29. that was great presentation – thanks so much!

  30. In the first section the type of diabetes described fits the commonly described indication for type two, where there is a gradual loss of insulin production due to long term demands over years. In type 1 there is an absolute loss of insulin production due to autoimmune attack on Beta cells in the Islets of Langerhans. Although this presumably is not instant this is an important clarification for people new to this area of study. Onset of type one is likely to be over a much shorter time frame. DKA is much more commonly associated with type one diabetes

  31. The breakdown products of fatty acids being acetyl-CoA CANNOT participate in gluconeogenesis you fuck.

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  33. Well explained, organized, and packed with important key points. I'm very impressed.

  34. this is false in that type 2 can develop dka as well

  35. dr my age is 17 im girl i dependent on isuline i have dabetic type 1 scein 14 year back when i was 3 year old i have 2+ ketones now so wanna aks you what should i do now i cant go hospital now

  36. Insulin therapy should be carried out very carefully and maybe only after fluid replacement as it can cause severe hypokalemia due to insulin carrying K+ back into cells.

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  39. I just got out of the hospital with this….was close to a coma

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