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THIS ONE FOR YOU LADIES This time I wanna show you how to make perfect voluminous bun with a lonely sock. You can wear it to work or turn it into perfect …



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  1. i wish they could oh idk TALK?!

  2. yeet

  3. 0:56 did you see something on the spoon??

  4. Friend: Nice Hair Tie! Where is it from?
    You: Oh, It's just my boyfriends condom.

  5. has no one acknowledged that the girl at 5:09 looks like Kylie Jenner??

  6. Life hack: Got a ring that won't come off use fairy liquid

  7. 6:04 that looks like a fucking dude

  8. a condom really?! next its probably fucking sanitry towels to shave ur legs

  9. 1:38 Je remarque aucun changement

  10. Be able to make a

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  12. These are really useful hacks!

  13. this could be also condom hacks

  14. 11:31 dis is PPAP!

  15. Why women bags

  16. This vid is grossing my out

    /I’m not hating/….

  17. Wash your hair if it’s greasy duh

  18. Who else watch these hacks but dont do them

  19. واو

  20. At 4:50 that does not happen in 1 try

  21. Want to do your hair quicker? JUST SUCK IT UP IN A VACUUM CLEANER!

  22. the second one:

    Are you sure???

  23. What I’ve learned for Their vids:

    uSe aN aVaCodO tO bRusH uR fEet 🙂

  24. يلي على اليسار احلا

  25. نبي المكونات ب العربي

  26. This is inappropriate

  27. Cineva din România?

  28. “ whatcha doing sweetie ?”
    Her “ brushing my nose silly “
    Me : “ ohhh .. okay .. honey have you seen my condoms ? “
    Her : “ that’s a silly question babe , ones on the faucet with vinegar in it , ones on my ring finger , and the other is in the soda bottle with hot glue in it , I’m making a bottle cork and I have one on my cell phone and also there is one filled with rice in the microwave , I have cramps “
    Me : “ …..we need to talk “

  29. 1:50 a condom got the ring on , Guess it got the ring off too 😉

  30. What is with all of the condom uses . You do know what they are for right are woman really using condoms for this . No wonder

  31. 7:01 how does that look any better?

  32. 1:37 your Face dosent look any different


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