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BRILLIANT ORGANIZING TIPS Most of us have chaos at home and there is a lot of stuff lying around. It’s a very hard job to organize your things especially if you …



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  1. Under your makeup you have no bucket for the water to drip into

  2. hello

  3. The bracelet one is great until you have to take them all off because you want the one at the bottom…

  4. 6:56 dude im eating those chips rn

  5. اذا انتي بنت عربيه وشاهدي تعليقي ممكن اشترك بلقناه تبعي ولايك

  6. One time I made a hack I put a trash bag on top of the broom

  7. 0:31

    OK …

    My bro open the closet

    My bro : ….

  8. me: watches these videos for hours
    also me: never does any of these because I'm not "crafty"

  9. Gg no re

  10. love you

  11. Первое очень позорное

  12. Superrrrrrrrrrr

  13. Что за него удобные лифчики

  14. Itni kanjoosi kyu

  15. Yeah, hang up your bras for everyone to see

  16. Love u….

  17. Noice cool vid

  18. Kece banget

  19. Salut

  20. Nice idea

  21. GO LIKE

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