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10 Unexpected Things That Will Happen By 2050

The future has a lot in store, and you might be suprised to see what’s to come in the next 50+ years. Like us on Facebook: …



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  1. I'll be dead when all this happens

  2. I will never have a computer in my brain

  3. Oh no

  4. I’ll be so old by 2050 or dead

  5. All of our deaths we need to stop global warming

  6. i am already going to live forever i dont need some stupid machines created by man trying to convince me to live a simulation and eventually get controlled by the elites it is modern slavery.

  7. even if we manage to comquer death using cybernetics, we won't be abe to reproduce as a species and life won't be life anymore without death

  8. "10 Incredible Things That Will Happen Before 2050"

    None of these are incredible. They are disasters to all of the Earth. I don't care about robots.

  9. Nothing like a good debate…The World's watching tonight and tomorrow>>>Energize another blue wave~~~

  10. When it will heppen

  11. Hooked up to the Internet our consciousness will be all-knowing.

  12. Why save lives when we all die and there are way too many of us already.

  13. China ?! 7:41

  14. while it is creepy af what our future hope- my biggest hope is knowing that there are so many people even on this comment section that know this is a creepy ass future.

  15. And if we reach the point of preferring to form relationships with AI rather than with another human then we will inevitably bring about our own demise as a species.

  16. I like driving. It's a skill I had to learn & I'm pretty decent at it or so I've been told, but the thought of having that choice taken away because car manufacturers decide to stop giving consumers the opportunity to decide for themselves whether or not they drive doesn't appeal to me at all.

  17. Yeah and they thought flying cars would be in 2018,nope

  18. I am reading all the comments and i like EVRY comment…..

    Me: I vant to be dead in the future becouse i am SCARED!!!

  19. I think the future will be kind of scary

  20. The skynet scenario thats nice to know

  21. I seriously wanna achieve immortality… jst in case there ain't no heaven or in case I'm destined to get dragged to hell

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