Life Hacks

10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Summer!

10 amazing tips and tricks you can use to impress your friends, and make your summer a little easier. Endcard Links: Auto-Icing Soda: …



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  1. Anyone els in the year 3019?

    No just me…okay

  2. 0:07 Hamburger.

  3. That fruit fly life hack really works! I used mine with just some leftover peach and it worked amazingly! Within a few days, there were 10+ fruit flies in there.

  4. 0:48 be careful guys

  5. Who also agrees if u do, then like.

  6. Anyone see a fly on the banana
    [(Like to Activate)]

  7. These hacks are way better than 5 min hacks that nobody will never ever need to use

  8. I just keep bending the top of the soda can off of the actual can top

  9. ”hambegga”

  10. Yep… I bring shampoo to the beach… Always! It's just an essential… USE SUN TAN LOTION!!!!!

  11. At 1:55, not everyone eats mango…

  12. Who actually uses a straw with a can of soda

  13. This man was a better 5 minute crafts

  14. Hamburgr

  15. That what mom does at the mango

  16. Tap water is my favourite drink!

  17. I'll tell you a mango fact.

    Philippines' mango is much better
    Ahhaha try niyo

  18. The Manggo hacks we always do it in Phillipines

  19. Robbers when they see the shampoo bottle: just a regular shampoo bottle
    Robbers after they open it with a lot of valuables inside: had us in the first half, not gonna lie

  20. 2:23 I didn’t get that reference until the end of 9th grade of high school

  21. 2013: No more floating straws!
    2019: No more straws…

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