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10 Best Life Hacks

10 best life hack s MUSIC : 1. Different Heaven – Safe And Sound [NCS Release] [ ] 2. Alan Walker – Force …



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  1. 3:20 tengo una duda: ¿se podria hacer el encendedor con uno de chispa y no con uno de friccion?

  2. So Bad

  3. I am amazed at just how sh1t this video is…. other than being a complete waste of time, it is completely unsafe and a massive fire hazard. Idiotic! If anyone considers this any sort of "hack" planet earth is doomed

  4. Namaha mama mikangchi name taridapangkubo.

  5. It is awesome

  6. Some of what he's making you can buy cheaper at the store than what he's paying for some of the parts to make them

  7. Sem muita conversa !
    Interessantíssimo !!

  8. I always wonder how you measure the size

  9. 5:54 used this with 12 volts battrey it is very useful to make tea or coffee

  10. Why?

  11. Pagal ha too

  12. 2:22de böcek var

  13. Shittiest soldering I've ever seen!

  14. идиотизм какой то

  15. Muchas gracias por lo del celu

  16. battery + 2 electric motors + some wires + diode + hairband + 2 plastic gears + hot glue + wooden base = light …
    But why?!?!?
    battery + 1/2 some wires + diode = light!

  17. So many cool ideas, but no hammer? Still respect for the "life-hacks". Keep it up!

  18. Parah… Mau koslet itu listrik strum langsung, adaptor tdk nampak.

  19. Good

  20. Water heater blades can fault home electricity

  21. 07:15 o cara bebê café com resíduo de ferro kkkk

  22. Ty jsi čech? Jestli jo tak já taky

  23. Gujab

  24. Fabulous amazing video
    Subscriber my channel please

  25. Ap kp subscribe kr dia hai
    Subscribe back me ❤️

  26. 9:08 dont even try it it can explode if the heat just cycle inside, put bunch of holes so the heat will get off the can 🙂

  27. المزيد من اخرعات

  28. дуралей через минуту кремень нагреется крышка расплавится и пожара не избежать

  29. Take apart a flashlight, cut a bunch of holes in a Coke can, hot glue the flashlight parts into the coke can — BOOM, you got a flashlight.

  30. Super nice and super nice and super nice and super nice

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