BITCOIN FALLING!! Next Target $7,000?? | Is the Parabolic Move Over?! | Altcoins

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  1. Do you have videos teaching graph methods?

  2. Only been in bitcoin for a couple of months, done pretty good so far but even if i hadn't i can see the future in it so would hold till i was good. heard a large amount was put on coin base and other exchanges just before the fall for profit taking, just after seems people panicked and sold too. If only people stopped looking short term things would be great for everyone and attract others beyond belief. why the panic money making? just invest what you can afford big or small, sit back and wait for the world to catch up! 🙂 Better to spend your time on important stuff rather than green and red watching!, patience is a virtu-al currency! love the tech analysis on all the you tubers vids . im gonna use last years lottery numbers tomorrow!

  3. Not 11.500 but 11.344. Thanks for our video, Carl!

  4. $7,200 if this is true it will be a quick wick place your orders so you can catch it. TUSD already hit $10,000 and bounced we already have a great green daily candle however this is the first daily candle to close under the bollinger bands which is bearish. BTC is a Honey Badger on steroids it doesn't give a shit about anything and is one hard MF to predict.

  5. thanks for your advice, will never watch your channel again

  6. I really enjoy watching your videos. Thank you for sharing your hinest opinions.

  7. My favorite crypto channel

  8. There's a digital gold rush sweeping the globe as investors try to cash in on Bitcoin, the notoriously volatile cryptocurrency. Getting involved yourself is easier—and riskier—than you think.

  9. Thank you soooooooo much for your videos! May the greatest of all fortunes smile upon you

  10. Buy the dips…

  11. What does a decline in BTC mean for alts? Is it their turn or do they die too?

  12. lol best line of this whole video: "Whenever Tom Lee says something pretty much the opposite happens." LOL

  13. You preach panic ,…

  14. I like my girlfriends gap seeing filled, Hihi

  15. $8000 bitcoin ! No way Carl ! Too much interest and adoption

  16. Just upgraded to the Nano X! I used your link. Look forward to it! Thank you for all you do.

  17. I respectfully disagree. In the previous bull run we had daily pullbacks of 20-30% never more than 2 consecutive days. This meets that logic, if we go back up to 11.5-12k by tomorrow the uptrend is still there.

  18. Hi Carl, is an altcoin boom defined in dollars or bitcoin in your opinion?

  19. Great videos thank you Carl. Can you please call out the exact numbers when you say ‘this’ will be the top? It’s hard to follow otherwise 🙂

  20. hodl guys… hodl…

  21. TA is crap when it pertains to crypto. TA is programming people to set their limits to these predictions therefore resulting in these predictions coming true. Its self fulfilling. The only thing that affects crypto are govt regulations and speculation. Crypto is not equal to traditional stock movement.

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