USDA Loans 5 Things You Need to Know

This may surprise you! USDA Loans aren’t just for farmers and cows! Most of us hear the words “USDA” and “rural” and probably start thinking of farms or …



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  1. I am trying to locate an office near sturgis michigan so I can speak to someone in person ..can you help

  2. every video talks about benefits, Nobody talks about the fees ans interest rates.

  3. You just said in your video it's an amazing program it's beyond amazing yes you can own a home to! I would like to share this information and you too can own your dream home as I close on my home in 2 days! No bullshit…BUT. .. you have to have some resources and the home be in the rural area you can tell by their website by the ZIP code. What I did was looked at almost 49 homes in the state of Michigan and believe it or not the 49th home was my dream home… Beyond conventional mortgages the inspection is just a little bit different is because they don't want you buying a piece of garbage and to fall into arrears. My particular home needed about $4,000 in in repairs or more more I don't remember. The inspector came out I paid at least that in repairs. … and this was during the government shutdown thought I was going to lose my mortgage be covered cuz of it.. I did all of the repairs that were needed to pass inspection my loan officer from the federal government USDA Rd Direct was a wonderful woman very professional, beyond popular belief the government wants you to prosper, they WANT YOU TO PROSPER! my loan officer was a wonderful professional all the repairs were done on my part, and in my situation a very good seller very understanding. sorry guys this is a long story I hope you read on. My real estate agent was non-professional she could not stand USDA Rd direct because of the paperwork, I did all the footwork the inspection results and the communication between me and my loan officer. real estate agents do not want this USDA RD because they might have to work for their Commission! Zero down 3.8% interest the only drawback is a 38 year mortgage. Now, like I said my closings in 2 days all the repairs I put into my home to buy are going to be reimbursed from the government except fo very small percentage! gentleman I did not even expect that! my question is to all of you how bad do you want the home? and unfortunately in my case the real estate agent what is a very lazy and uneducated person on the USDA RD DIRECT LOAN PROGRAM. I will post after closing in 2 days

  4. I am applying for the 504 renovation loan for rural areas and getting my documentation together. I am completely gutting a back room that is under a flat roof that is not part of the main roof, because a tree fell on it 4 years ago.
    My question is, is that I cannot account for unforseen problems like foundation work. I can see the foundation from under the floor, but not from the outside, because some dummy put concrete blocks turned the wrong way and put rail road ties on top of blocks to hold up the back wall. I suspect that excavation work will need to be done and possibly adding concrete block on the existing foundation, but will not know until the roof and front wall is completely demoed.
    Should I over estimate and if so, what happens to the money that I might not use?
    Also, can I borrow money for drywall that I will do latter?

  5. I Am in california I'm on disability benefits can i qualify?

  6. What about a house with ten acres.

  7. Its been three months since we applied for a USDA load. Have not herd back from them. Should it take this long?

  8. Thanks for sharing this with us……I spoke with Josh in the past he will return your calls and answer any questions you may have…..I have spoken with a rep for USDA and they told me they are NOT credit score driven if you have a good score fine but it’s not a big option for them

  9. Every other video says I need a 620 or 640 score for this loan. Is this accurate and current information ?

  10. Very helpful video. If you can do one regarding. Mississippi rules that would be great! Thanks!

  11. How do I contact you?

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