How To Travel The World For Free: Credit Cards 101

Here’s how to travel the world for free, in just the time it takes to watch this video – by using the power of credit cards. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan …



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  1. Thanks man. By this time next year I'll be financially free!

  2. How does this affect you if you are planning on going into real estate investing. Do you close the cards after you get the rewards? How does this look to lenders?

  3. i love my Amex Gold, but to be honest, you have to spend a lot on it to actually get any free flight other than a short domestic flight

  4. This is amazing…

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  6. You don't have to cancel a card, if possible, ask the credit card company to downgrade your card to a no annual fee credit card.

  7. Are all credit scores supposed to be the same? On one of my banks FICO it says 750 and the other told me 730.

  8. Hey Graham, great video! I have a question about the Chase Ink Preferred Business card. Since this is a business card, it's clearly meant for business owners. But what counts as a "business"? I don't own a business in the conventional sense, but I have sold some stuff on things like Ebay/Poshmark/etc… does that count?

    I would like to apply for this card but I'm kinda paranoid about filling out the application and accidentally lying on it about "owning a business", when really all I do is sell old clothes I don't wear anymore 😛

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  10. Would be useful advice but unfortunately my country doesn't use a credit score system or offer reward for opening new credit cards. So really, entertainment purpose only.

  11. I envy you Americans for opportunities like that. Where I live, in Germany, none of this stuff works. Here we technically have credit cards, they call them credit cards and they look like credit cards and come from the same companies as in the States, but they really are just debit cards. I don't even know why. Maybe the regular business model doesn't conform to German law, or something like that.
    The only difference to a regular debit card is that the money you spend doesn't get deducted from your account immediately, but at the end of the month.

    Basically people here only use them so they can use them to buy stuff online, subscribe to porn sites, or get money from ATMs abroad, when traveling, but other than that, they're kind of useless and they don't try hard to push them on people.

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  14. I might have missed this, but do u cancel ur card after? If not, do u just keep paying the $95 annual fee?

  15. You paid taxes and/or fees. Be honest Graham 😉

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  17. Sure, you have disposable income and you're clever. In an ideal world, everyone COULD afford to do this, and everyone DID do this it wouldn't exist. It's would become a tragedy of the commons…

  18. i hate to bother you with my ideas, but i think you should make a 24/7 kitten cam, or make a whole video about him.

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  20. Yeah, but you have to spend 3k-5k in the first three months. When you can't use a credit card for rent (without the fees), it's hard to spend that much without just going straight broke. This minimum is an important point that you just brushed over. It's definitely not "free". You have to make a certain amount to be able to have that much extra cash to prepay those expenses. Need to save first, then try this, as I can't use these tactics on the current income just yet.

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