YOU DON'T NEED THEM | Best Motivational Video for Success in Life & Study 2019

YOU DON’T NEED THEM | Best Motivational Video for Success in Life & Study 2019 ▻This video was uploaded with the permission of the owner. Special …



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  1. Came for motivation but got attacked

  2. I am at a point in my life where this is making an incredible difference

  3. Well sometimes they had no other option to go there they don't have what it takes to go somewhere else and there's not a lot of offer job openings around and some people can perform certain duties and you have to have a license to a lot of jobs that means college or training if some people have the capacity to just say call me to do this and they do this I'm at the point where it sounds good but I was going to drive Uber and I told my youngest son I was going to go work for Uber he said no you're not that's the one I see you in the diets have died already several times in the operating table Mexican on my tires came off my room's came off then I had a case against a retired Deputy I believe that's what he was and the case would say can a man with the name is he raped me that's the plan simple word for it he couldn't do what he needed to do cuz he was unable to do to my surgery I've had but he turned around and I was walking the streets his wife put him in hiding and as soon as I said Rick Savage. Police would start seek him out but meanwhile when I see him he's smiling and he works at the shop that they sell cars and my car is getting broken into and they're taking my parts and trading it for back part so my car can't pass smog without this part cannot afford to van my oldest son of a sudden buys a dirt bike ebike this and that my daughter had the audacity driving it all start ATT set all the windows open and shut and she says well you didn't give us enough money with your last case that's why this is happening and that she said I was a cop calling cuz I would report crime I do neighborhood watch the doctor will program I used to be that chair on the board and I was running the homeowners association and my youngest son has moved and he doesn't say where he lives I know he's not too far but the thing is there is more to it every time I drive my daughter to work she's texting somebody when I pick her up or drop her off at her job when I get there she texted somebody so she's telling somebody every time I'm leaving and when she's dropped off and gives them enough time to figure out how much more time they have and the deputies in this town don't listen I called the FBI because I'm not getting hurt by anybody they have to do any Report with them Isis will know I called in a complaint about a death face Behavior towards me they said I couldn't file complaints I said yes I

  4. I can't allow things to happen locking my door going to sleep as fun as I need and when I wake up somebody censored I make salsa I don't hear things all the time I dogs don't even respond my neighbor next door has been giving blood meat beef jerky have a dog with a heart condition she has stolen another dog gave to a meth head that can come around I want that. I want that dog that dog vendor she has another dog and I saw that girl she's a meth head also and she actually walks around with my peachy pink windbreaker with gold zippers was brand-new I didn't get a chance to wear it once so they have stolen on my new clothes and anything I'm by newest I can punish to have I don't know what to do I'm afraid really to try to go somewhere cuz I have nowhere to go I feel like getting my car and sleep in the car and say how was that

  5. What about your kids and your family members Mike's in the longer he was very abusive and then my mom when she was around to Sweet acting and she wasn't always kind she was shoving me away I would drive from Palmdale to Marina del Rey and she would refuse to see me she was real sick and she was disfigured and that could be why but I was shoved away and then my kids now after my cases of injury trouble starting to get my physical conditioning back up after surgeries I had to do a lot of different kind of things I was looking good feeling good had to eat certain foods I monitor my intake no they're spraying chemicals or anything I eat gives me sick and have to take charcoal and is back at the gator again they both my banking account they blocked my card damn gone in my person's taking a new card and put an old card in gone to the bank find out money was pulled and I never pulled it have a daughter that looks just like me she's very jealous supposed to be over me I've been told of a card readers as well as to why she's acting I'm exhausted I don't know what to do I have nowhere to go no funds to go I have not figured out how to get out of this so I'm trying to pack clean I donate things that I go I'm slow as hell cuz I've torn rotator cuffs and have a bad knee in the left and I have ankles are touring in my left foot has broken bones I have a tumor in my head and my neck is not right so I feel sick sometimes I don't know if there black mold around here but they have done thinks my homework moisture and it causes mold my young son once again are treated everything and everything was clear and clean after they did that thing and after that it seemed like my oldest son is he has fashioned s*** somebody's going underneath the mobile home skirting around the stands everything is this like moving around and insulation is dropping right with the mobile connect with the other part of the mobile home it seemed like the fabric is kind of sites are trying to separate my house is 70 to the street I don't know what to do I don't know who to go to I have no help to City of Palmdale don't do mold

  6. I used to be concerned about my weight until they start breaking in and spraying bleach on the food and I would be eating in my feet with turn purple blue and red and my legs get swollen and my heart starts fluttering and I get massive headaches I feel light-headed and one day of my whole body cramped up like I was having some kind of weird situation just like what happened to my animal symbol for their passing and I told my youngest son he told my daughter it happen again and he was smiling invited like he thought it was funny my kids are behind this stuff I don't know if there's a little life insurance policy but something is not right here and it's an everyday sign and I've been told by many card readers stack it's my son has issues I'm not sure my daughter is wearing my clothes and my sons are doing stuff and my youngest son that has a girlfriend I see her with my clothes on and I'm just totally devastated and shop and I'd they have emptied out my finance estate have taken all my collectible during her taking anything that's left I'm talking boxes so I packed to move I have no way to get out of here

  7. I'm a boring student pilot.

  8. I am succeding in my studies and top 1 on my college and i feel like everybody hates me cuz they're jealous i got skills i speak three languages better than all. They are making me feel i am nothing to lower my self this video got me through it even if i will live my college-life been hated … well i won't give up.

  9. I'm disgusted that this has ads in the middle of the video. It ruins the purpose of the message.

  10. Was told I "didn't have the disposition to do college". Now I'm on my 2nd degree. Was told I was fat. Switched my diet and lost 70 lbs in a year, now I'm getting props. Realize your self worth


  12. Wow. I was just looking for this kind of motivation video as I was in a relatable situation. What a momentum. Thankyou for making this video

  13. After nine years of hard drinking and alcoholism, after two years of seizures and hospitalization, I am now two months sober off the bottle. This video was a random find and my god I am so happy I found it
    Boozers are loosers. You can't change the world of you can't change your socks

  14. Walk away from the 97 percent, like Jim Rohan says. If you don’t change, it isn’t going to change. Self discipline is the only way out of a miserable reality.
    I see this in my own life. I struggle to have the self discipline I know I should have. I think that’s the way to be the best leader and influence on other people.

  15. Don't expect too much because that too much can hurt you so much.

  16. 7:00 the most important part.

  17. %100 right

  18. Hahaha

  19. You dont need them beacause you are good enough and you are the only one who can change everything in your life , Be positive ❤

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