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World's Tallest Waterslide Taller Than Niagara Falls | ABC World News Tonight | ABC News

New ride at 168 feet tall promises an exhilarating experience but at what price? SUBSCRIBE for the latest news and updates from ABC News …


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  1. Zumanjaro is not 64 stories…

  2. And then a kid’s head gets chopped off. Nice.

  3. so satisfying how he goes down that slide.

  4. It closed now

  5. 1:42 O’RLY?

  6. And a tragic death happens

  7. I'm really afraid of this slide, unfortunately at August of 2016 one kid of 10 years old died

  8. A kid died on this thing

  9. Dumb idea for money.

  10. that irony ia so bad

  11. Oh no I not going on I swear

  12. There’s no belts?!

  13. I’ve been on the drop of doom it’s not scary

  14. I live near this water park now I call it Slusghterbougn instead of sliterbougn

  15. I slightly have a fear of heights and a big fear of slides that just do a straight drop down, especially knowing the sandbags (people) probably would've died

  16. Of course the fear business is gettin dangerous, dumb asses try to top ova dumb ass shit

  17. The guy being interviewed who says "We've tested every aspect" is now on trail for murder for a kid who was killed on this ride.

  18. Rip Young boy

  19. Oh the irony!

  20. 2018 anyone?

  21. And then a few years later, off with a little boy's head and the ride shuts down.

  22. Imagine smashing your face into the safety net….. I would rather remove it and die from a 20m drop

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