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Wildfire Jumps Highway in California and Vehicles Catch Fire | World News Tonight | ABC News

Trucks and cars in traffic go up in flames as firefighters try to quell the blaze. SUBSCRIBE for the latest news and updates from ABC News …


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  1. It’s look like the fire wants his rights too

  2. You need to build a wall around the freeway

  3. Search – TaTa / Andrew
    You Tube / Over 300 Videos
    Chariots Of Fire , Angels !!!

    The Most High !!!

  4. Iam still there ,iam remember . Very sad time

  5. Nothing is burning on both sides of the freeway!!! Americans are in a deep slumber

  6. They don't want the public drones because they can record them starting these fires and the weapons they use to do it.

  7. Yeah um no. Random cars don't burst into flames from fire not even near them. That's not how things work. Wake up people. Unless those cars had accelarents in them that hit ignition tempture from constant heat those cars should not be on fire. There's Something else going on people.

  8. How does a drone slow down response times?

  9. Oh! It’s burning forests let’s go shopping honey

  10. I bet its more than a drone

  11. July 17, 2015 2015 not 2018!!!! Old old old

  12. Probable cause:
    1. due to outside element to sabotage the economy of CA;
    2. for ecological agricultural change attempt;

  13. oh whatdafok……how is a godam DRONE going to SLOW DOWN firefighters response times to fires?!?!? Get a freekin' grip, willya please.

  14. oh..God,…its Easy for clear all fire…….Allah..inform to you all..that….world is just amoment…

  15. this why you don't abodon your car

  16. So many retarded comments

  17. Nestle is to blame

  18. See LASER WAR weapon. See Albert Pike Illuminati war Against Amerikan Citizens. The K ZARIANS JEWS ROTHSCHILD family's Rockafella family COKE Brothers Bush Family George Soros all world terrorists and their Agendas research THEM

  19. Thermitic, Incendiary based Chemtrails (Aluminum, Barium & Strontium nano-powdered chemicals have been sprayed over California’s forrests, vegetation & homes for many years now & are directly responsible for the uncontrollable, unstoppable WildFires all along the USA WestCoast states and others. Why has not the Trump Administration not done anything to stop this lunacy… Is a Shadow Government doing all this, unchecked?
    The ultimate goal must be to increase the Carbon Dioxide concentration of the air in order to get the Carbon Taxes agenda accepted to enact legislation on a dumbed down, uninformed USA population. All of the Thermitic, incendiary-based Chemtrails cause extreme drying out of everything it contacts: forrests, farm vegetation, homes and anything that can hold natural moisture. Preventing rain from falling via HAARP and ChemTrails make the effects of fires many times greater… Some internet articals & videos are showing and claiming that blue lasers are being directed at these thermitic, incendiary, brittle and highly dried out coated woods, farms & homes to start the WildFires. When will the population wake up and look up at what is going on to them and their environments and homes?


  21. They're so dumb they could drove the gutter lane and went the other way

  22. Sounds like a set up

  23. they don't want drones to show you the real truth. that our government is using laser weapons and practicing them on own country . plus with agenda 21 they will force people to live more Urbanization.

  24. the CIA don't want us to see the real proof with our DRONES, so they had to come up with a propaganda at the end there!!

  25. karma !

  26. Fake news station, only reason I’m watching is for the video footage, it’s like we don’t know what the red fire retardant is doing? Or the water coming out of helicopters is suppose to do? Really?

  27. Never seen a fire jump a freeway before..they must think we get dumber as we get older…smh..a fire cannot burn on concrete unless it has some form of accelerate..just like a hurricane can't last long over dry land..wake up people!!!…

  28. drones can see real proof what cause the fire, u can see the finger print of a Lazer beam burning from space, just like the twin tower got burn all around on ground, where cars got half burnt and no paper were burnt! like a micowave weapon, organic can't burn!

  29. DEW….wow what a bunch of idiots below me.

  30. The California Law protects an illegal pass that makes the mother earth angry and destroys all those who support the illegals. I like to see the fire burn all the fucking people who are from an illegal and after the fire, so many RATs appear their faces.

  31. Rev8 last days

  32. People running? I don’t see anyone running. They are walking and or watching but no one is running away. This whole thing does not make sense.

  33. Typical rightwing pieces of shit whining about not always getting their own way.
    The problem with ALL nations is that they are FAR TOO RIGHT WING ANTISOCIALIST HYPOCRITICAL states that SUCK WELFARE off the tax payers for the rich.

  34. I LOVE and ADMIRE that GUNMAN who killed a whole bunch of ANTI-VEGAN CONSERVATIVE CHRISTURD REPUBLICUNTS in Las Vegas and the hero Timothy McVeigh who wiped out a whole bunch of CONSERVATIVE CHRISTURD REPUBLICUNT-VOTING OKLAHOMANS!

  35. People and there cars…..pppfft.

  36. Why are there vehicles on the road? silly people want to drive past the fires crazy attemts

  37. Hi Everyone got Jesus? Today's the Day…

  38. Idiots, just making things worse for firefighters

  39. homeboys wearing peach pants.

  40. am i missing something? are the contents of these remarks literally coming from deranged people that i have to live in the world with?

  41. Punish the scum. Burn down sodom and gomorrha. Burn baby Burn

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