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US stocks rally after Trump cancels Mexican tariffs

The Gartman Letter CEO Dennis Gartman discusses why the market is continuing to rally and says the Fed will cut rates at least twice this year. FOX Business …



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  1. Ok so, the title says, Trump cancels Mexico tarrifs. But like not even a minute, the dude says '' we have active tarrifs on Mexico''

  2. TRUMP2020

  3. I wonder what the Jewish overlords are up to this time.

  4. T..t… tu.. tu… today junior

  5. Wall maker Trump.

  6. I see alot of comments saying this isnt what its made out to be. Is it a good look or just made to look?

  7. Stop pooping on the lettuce

  8. This festering turd is influencing the stock market and making himself richer with his antics!

  9. Trump does this regularly. He manipulates the market every couple weeks, his big money buddy’s are making a fortune

  10. Market manipulation

  11. The swamp scum monster trump manipulates you idiot dummies!

  12. Trump couldn't run a salad bar.
    What an idiot .

  13. POTUS plays them Mexicans like a yo yo.

  14. Americans can't get any dumber…Trump created a problem he then retracts on the problem he created and everybody is acting like he did something great!…you're his puppets.

  15. so they fell, and then they came back up again…LOL! big news

  16. Just imagine how much money can be made by this manipulation, the Sky's the limit

  17. Trump only benefits Jewish stockholders, the Gentiles at the bottom get the scraps

  18. We're up bitches

  19. Someone is playing chess while the life long politicians are playing checkers. I love it lol.

  20. "Stocks Rally!!!"

    Or to put it another way, stocks rebound from threats later exposed as fake drama. You know, potato potahto.

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