Theo Rossi On Wu-Tang Clan Influence, 'Sons of Anarchy' Success & 'Vault'

Actor Theo Rossi sat down with Ebro to discuss his feelings on the success of “Sons of Anarchy,” growing up in Staten Island, his thoughts on the Wu-Tang Clan …



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  1. Culture needed this!!! I knew exactly who this was when I read his name!!

  2. NY is a dump

  3. theo rossi sounds like seth green…."wiley."

  4. This Guy lays it down

  5. His character juice really pissed me off in SOA. If he stayed solid he would have survived. Smh lmao

  6. No Uniqueness is wrong

  7. He put 50 cent in the same vein as AVA DUVERNAY. I’m sorry… but that is so cringey

  8. Sons was is a top 5 show in the last 20 years…

  9. I respect Theo

  10. It's funny that he says he just wants to be known as his characters, to mee that's all actors are, yeah they have a separate life but I don't really care.

  11. I like this video, for the people that think cardi b and bad bunny " tryna be black" dont understand NYC have gangsters and ratchets of all shades. The white women on staten island have the dirties mouth, you never gonna get a chance to hit them first and they might kill for real. They not tryna be black because they sassy they really like that.

  12. Shades from Luke Cage. He looks Latino but is actually Italian.

  13. Sons of Anarachy was a GREAT GREAT GREAT Show..

  14. Loved that show

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