The SHOCKING Truth About Successful People (Animated Story)

In this video, we talk about the real truth about success . There have been many videos about success , and how to become success ful in life. But the problem …



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  1. i want the mix between both

  2. Money>happiness

  3. I personally think being happy and making other people happy is success. That's just what I think though.

  4. i think both are succesfull because both living there dream

  5. Wow i wanna be just like Ben

  6. Everyone chases something in life but Alot of people are chasing the wrong things. I don't want money. I really just want to be a good person, be with my girlfriend for as long as God allows, and live for God. Jesus is all we need.

  7. Yo broke…ummhh…where my friends at?

  8. In today's life if you are billionaire ,you will get anything you want sooner or later ,but you can't even help someone ,even yourself if you are poor. Honestly speaking being successful can brought everything you want even a girlfriend may be from your fan following.

  9. People take different roads seeking fulfilment and happiness just cuz they took a different road than yours doesn't necessarily mean they have gotten lost.

  10. ειμαι το ελληνικο comment που ψαχνεις.

  11. Lawyers = scum of the Earth

  12. Non. It's incomplete. This is my opinion

  13. 7:16 how you should life your life

  14. How about none

  15. You fucker Alexander the Great isnt greec

  16. Ben, got more.

  17. I can watch your videos all day long. Btw, who is Ben? :p

  18. Ben is succesful and actually contributes to the world, advancing the human race, jeff is just enjoying life cause he has luck and started life with no disadvantages. Jeff is the reason society is getting dumber and people like Ben know that and exploit it for their corporate masters. Both aren't exactly good for the world but at least Ben has the power and knowledge to change, Jeff is just an idiot.

  19. i think the problem is the though about i need "something" for be happy

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