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The boy who shocked ther world – BBC News

Yemen is suffering from the worst humanitarian crisis on the planet. Two million children are severely malnourished and the country is also in the grip of the …



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  1. What a sad world we live in

  2. How sad ! Yet the rich Muslim world turn their back in their own ! Saudi Arabia could send aid why does the western world has to step up every time ? Because we care , the fat Arab cats don't care what's going on in their back yard ! Shame on them!

  3. Don't don't live like this leave go to another state to live…

  4. Go Ilive some where else don't stay there leave . Go to a better place to live.

  5. No food that's bad..No milk no water no nothing Lord.

  6. My God I hate too see children starving stop having them poor babies this is a shame before God for this, Oh Jesus these children are starving to death father.Amen

  7. Why does their own country not look after them??

  8. How come the parents look well feed?

  9. God bless him. It says in the bible that famine in the last days will only het worse. God made us to help. How do these moms go through pregnancies?

  10. instead of giving them money or food supplies whey not give them seeds and farm animals teach them to be self sufficient. If they can't fish then give them an alternative way to feed themselves.

  11. They need condoms! So they don't have more child!

  12. no skinny men there

  13. So depressing. Thank you for finding a vaccine to prevent pregnancy.

  14. We should be grateful on whatever small we get,

  15. Why do you have to film instead of finding donation for this people? Makes me wonder.

  16. BBC: THERE.

  17. Islam… discusting belief, religion and people.

  18. Такой сладкий карапуз❤️

  19. Omg this makes me so sad..
    I wish I had enough money to reach out to every child nationwide to stamp out hunger & diseases…God please save these babies!!!!!

  20. How the parent fat and children not


  22. But Notherdam Palace is more importand..

  23. That is what I found odd. The parents looked pretty healthy compared to the kids. Very sad story. Too many greedy people in this world. You send aid and they don't even get it.

  24. This his god words and world young man I call up and you because you are strong

  25. Real problem is not over population it's the selfishnes

  26. GOLD on the fingers but no FOOD in the mouth.

  27. Why are these mom's not nursing their babies into the toddler years if need be???

  28. It' s moslem versus moslem war. You gonna look for humanity from moslems? NOPE. Just look at the video. The kids suffer worst of all. And the crazies scream and yell and want to convert the whole world to Islam, so that they can have a world-wide war, and force their prehistoric views on the entire world. Ain't they nice folks?

  29. If they are starving then how and why are they having sex getting pregnant and having babies while Knowing their Child will starve to death, it's called feed them BIRTH CONTROL, I don't want to hear their excuses if they are still having kids

  30. Oh my god . God help those poeple that sad video make me cry

  31. And always complain about stupid things god forgivme for everytime i said im hungry or everytime i said i need clothes when my closeth is full ..i cant imagine the pain of this kids the frustration when is nothing to eat please lord put your holy hands on this people help them and i ofer my help i dont know how can i help but if i can i well God bless this people my hart is broke now we are millionaries compare with them for real so please stop complain about everything

  32. Wow amazing!!!

  33. All of u Americans, and others on here commenting about food and starving u have extra change in your pockets as well. I jist looked up the site. Why cant u help them too, im sending all my change to these babies. This could be anyone of us, any one of our children, nieces, nephews. Someone u love. No, im not paid to help her with them im just a human helping spread the word about WORLD HUNGER.

  34. Great I don't need night mare !!! Guck off

  35. Mais pourquoi ils font des enfants si ils savent qu'ils ne pourront pas l'assumer, le nourrir . Regardez comment il souffre

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