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President Trump, world leaders honor D-Day veterans

The president and first lady joined world leaders in Normandy, France, to commemorate the thousands of American and Allied troops who stormed the shores 75 …


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  1. African American men and women took up the cause courageously and helped liberate Nazi death camps. So many Americans across every demographic I can think of contributed..deepest gratitude to all..never forget their sacrifice.

  2. Ironic considering he did fuck all for his country.

  3. trump gave “a good speech”? Really? Come on! … he can’t read, but he can mouth like a robot anything fed to him on a teleprompter. Neither the “speech” nor the performance was impressive. The words, vaguely Churchillian phrases, were spewing from his mouth were hollow … distinctly not part of trump's lexicon. He might as well have been reciting something in Chinese. Jarring. Ineffective. Absurd.

  4. trump representing the US for the DDay commemoration! How can this be? This cowardly draft dodger knows absolutely nothing about honor and sacrifice. He is unfit to walk on the hallowed ground of the beaches of Normandy and the graves of those who gave their lives for us. We can and should honor them by removing this unworthy upstart from office. His hollowness and contrived puffery on full display for all the world to see is outrageous and grossly disrespectful to the legacy of those who suffered and gave their lives.

  5. They are precious ❤ thank you, vets!

  6. D Day was five beaches, 2 American, 2 British & 1 Canadian

  7. Like how Britain did 50x more than the Americans did in the war

  8. Respect <3

  9. What's his name? Ofris Zokari?

    Now… the Democrat left embrace it. 2020 — Vote The Socialists Democrats Out!!

  11. I have seen these militant type people walking around town lately. The enemies are here. You better be ready people. This is exactly why DEMON RATS WANT the GUNS. Easier for militant groups to take us down just like the TROJAN HORSE tactics of war

  12. A cowardly draft dodger like trump should be ashamed to look these veterans in the eye!

  13. What about the life’s of women children of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ??

  14. nazis disliked this video

  15. We owe them a price that truly can never be repaid, thank you. You will never be forgotten.

  16. Can we just for one day honor these brave men and save the political crap for another day in the comments?

  17. Germany left chat

  18. Much respect to these vets, they sacrificed their lives for the freedom of others 75 years ago! God bless them and our country!

  19. do you know what the difference is between trump and the guys in the royal family? The guys in the royal family didn’t shirk out of being a military man

  20. Isn't it amazing when USA media wants to tell the truth professionally how great and motivating a story as this one is. What a tool if used properly

  21. When a war draft dodging coward. Stands over fallen soldiers Graves " that's what I call disrespect


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