Parents: Don't Encourage Your Kids To Take Out Student Loans!

Parents: Don’t encourage your kids to take out student loan s. Encourage them to make plans to go to a school where cash can be paid for college. Academics …



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  1. My daughter asked if I would help her pay for college. I said on one condition,
    No student loans. She said deal.
    I paid for her college degree and masters.
    Now she is debt free and doing good.

  2. I agree with this 100%. I worked in the evenings at a local restaurant cooking my way through college and graduated PreMed. I ended up owning a Tech Company. I owed about $2500 for my education in total when I graduated. The point is I barely used my education and if I had owed on a lot on it I wouldn't have been able to follow my dreams. Kids are way too pampered these days, they need to get off Netflix, Xbox, and PS! Unplug!

  3. What she calls privilege we call common sense

  4. Depends. If you're going into engineering at a state school, loans do make sense

  5. Yes, the liberals are the only ones bitching…nailed it.

  6. Man this dude is angry about people's debt.

  7. I'm not saying it isn't possible because it obviously can be done, but this being an achievable goal is pretty much based on luck. In your plan you used the cheapest cost for college (in state) without any other fees but tuition. And even if you only use half of your pizza delivery money on college you're forgetting that pizza drivers have to pay for their own vehicle maintenance. On top of the fact that you can't always count on living at home with mom and dad (a luck based situation). This on top of the cost of living from place to place being variable while the tuition is not and the icing on the cake is that no matter how much you work (I have two jobs and have had two jobs all through college while I go to school full time), forget about it if you decide to go to grad school such as law school or medical. Yes I agree that it isn't impossible if you take less classes a semester so you get out of that grad school at almost half your life, but I think that reality is astronomically less likely than the opposite. I appreciate your show though and wish that your pizza reality WAS reality for everyone

  8. When I was in college I joined a volunteer organization. The VP of recruitment for that organization worked 4 jobs and went to school full time. At some point she even had an internship.

    Myself and 2 of my roommates went to community college then the 4 year school. And we all worked at some point during college.

    And all 4 of us got through without 1 student loan. It's possible. None of our families are rich, just smart in our approach. Working never made me a worse student.

  9. Dave is fighting the "but-I-want-to…" argument. He offers the "what-you-need-to-do-is…" solution.
    Good job Dave!

  10. Amanda Duncan's comment on his post: "If I wouldn't have taken out a loan I wouldn't have went to college…."…seems like you still didn't go to college with that grammar Amanda. That or you just wasted all that money 😀

  11. I make 1600 a month and I barely have enough money for bills and food and rent . Rent 750 , power bill 150 ,car note, 250 insurance 200 ,food 200 . How an i supposed to survive And go to college if you have to pay all this at 18 years old .

  12. Uncle Dave knows. Trust uncle Dave!!

  13. Hey guys, would I be able to get a student loan if I’m not even going to college and use the money for personal.

  14. Dave I love your shows but this one was the stupidest and dumbest one ever suggesting that people driving Uber that's ridiculous I'll tell you why because Uber drivers don't make money they actually lose money when they're driving because the cost of their car and the cost of the gas you're wanting to work for three four dollars an hour. yes a side hustle is good but don't suggest Uber delivering pizzas all right but don't suggest Uber because Uber drivers don't make money. I live here in Las Vegas and most of the Uber drivers that I know usually quit after 3 no more than 4 months and the ones that stay on the cars are no longer run as well in a couple years because all the miles they put on it driving people on Uber. and why do you always bring up liberals I'm not a liberal I'm a conservative but why you always pick on liberals they're the ones that always want I got a lot of conservative friends that are worse than liberals you always have to bring politics into it stick to the script help people save money stay out of politics because you don't know it

  15. What about when you don't have a 'life goal'?

  16. Cash can be paid for any college but only by millionaires. Even community college was too expensive for my family to just pay for out of pocket.

  17. If your delivering pizzas in the evening when will you have time to study for class? I went back to college to take a week course and even with studying 5 hours a night every night i BARELY passed.

  18. $9000 a year for college tuition is absolutely insane. In 1980 it was $3000 (in 2019 dollars). The only way that $9000 tuition would be okay is if the average starting wage for a college graduate tripled after inflation too. The problem is that colleges have no incentive to lower prices. They promote campus life, financial aide, diversity and sports when they recruit kids for college. What they don’t promote is their price. When is the last time you saw an ad for a college on tv talking about how they have lowered their prices? They want you to just borrow all the money they charge you and never ask about how much this is gonna cost. They want you to kick the can down the road and pay later for it. When you have to write a check and see that money leave your account, then you’re more skeptical about paying that insane $9000 tuition and however much for books and however much for room and board. Maybe instead you go to a technical school and get job training instead. Or you go to community college instead. Or whatever.

    Heck, a guy I went to high school with told me at the 20 year reunion he lived at home for 3 years after high school and saved $70,000. He then paid to go to the University of Iowa out of pocket. He said that he got the idea from watching “Its A Wonderful Life” because that is what George Bailey did.

  19. 20 years ago, Mr Baby Boomer Ramsey would have been the one to say you can’t survive without a degree.

  20. The lie that everyone needs to go to college (and that it is worth it no matter the cost) is the greatest lie in the past 50 years.

  21. Agreed! Working on my masters and I have 0 student loans

  22. I've gone through 5 years of school and have always paid cash for it I dont receive financial aid or get loans, I'm not debt free yet but I've been able to pay cash for my school for those 5 years ever since I was 18 my parents have never helped me and I've never asked for their help to pay for school

  23. My husband doesn’t have a college degree. He’s about to enter into a job that will make $300k a year. He’s 23 years old. And he HAS NO DEGREE!!! Degrees are worthless in most fields. Work ethic, professional connections, and living well below his means until he got a good-paying job is what got him into this career and kept him out of debt. The lie that a degree will get you a good job is ridiculous. I also have no degree and make $25/hr at my job – again, because of work ethic & professional connections & patience. Our kids will be taught that college is a good option for some people, but it is not the road to success!!

  24. I agree 100% the student loan system is broken. Completely. 19 states are suing Navient. The department of education has been brought to court several times and more lawsuits are coming. And there are very few proposals on the table to fix the problems.

    Get a job. Find on the job training for a career.

    Read great books. Go to Europe for a degree if you want. Apply for as many scholarships as you want. But don‘t take out a student loan.

  25. Wahhhh

  26. Dave makes an assumption that theses college kids have the ability to live with their parents for free. The very low income kids may not have that option. They also may not have a car either.

  27. My daughter is 21, no credit card, works, goes to college (paying as she goes) and has a savings account. She’s in her second year of college.

  28. let's make it simple.

    there are lots of scholarships provided that can help pay off school. if your family is low income. you can apply for financial aid, on top of other free government money.

    now, if your excuse is "I cant get a scholarship because I didnt do so well in high school", then my suggestion is, dont attend college. if you weren't mentally ready to handle high school, what makes it plausible that you'll be able to handle college, with all the "freedom" you'll get.

    trust me, it possible to attend college without any debt.

    for example, I have a friend that attended an MIT. already graduated, with no debt. the school paid for his entire tuition for being outstanding in high school. to make it even more challenging for him, he was undocumented. fortunately, MIT was able to work with him, he was able to obtain a work permit due to DACA to get an internship in his field, and then got married and obtained his citizenship a few years later. everyone just likes to make excuses.

  29. I went to a local state college and graduated with no student loan debt. Unfortunately, a state university was too expensive. No, I don't get to wear the popular university clothing and merch but I can live without debt.

  30. I don't like carrying around that much cash, and they want it all or nothing. So I use checks.

  31. Lol he sounds like a school teacher talking to his students

  32. Parents plan ahead for your kids future

  33. Liberals feel entitled

  34. My mother wanted me to take out loans for college >~>

  35. “Typically liberals” Dave keep your show about money and not politics.

  36. I am very priveledged to come from a family who can pay for college in cash. I am currently enrolled in a BS in Computer Science and literally am studying or am in class 50 hours+ a week and no life a somewhat competitive GPA. I do not see how I would possibly work to bankroll college while attempting to graduate in 4 years within my field. I am a highly optimistic person and believe anything is possible in America today, but i do not see how I would manage 50hrs+ and work.

  37. Dave really shows how out of touch and privileged he is in this video…

  38. Calm down, calm down!  They really tweaked his beard.

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