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N Korea urges US to withdraw 'hostile policy' on eve of summit anniversary

On the eve of the one-year anniversary of the Trump-Kim summit held in Singapore last year, North Korea has urged the United States to withdraw its “hostile …



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  1. The irony is so thick you could cut it with a butter knife this guy wants to complain about fairness when he kills people by the hundreds and thousands in his own country prison camps that work people to death assassinations almost every other day just because he doesn’t like the outcome of a specific topic he hacks the Sony Computer servers just because he doesn’t like a spoof movie that in reality is extremely funny just like this guys hair , very ironic ……

  2. Lil Rocket man needs to use all that money for his country, not for trying to blow up others.He has gotten so fat he can only wobble now,, Trumps trades are Intelligent not hostile.. lol

  3. Not seeing an issue with this

  4. This entire report they avoid mentioning the reason for the sanctions or the conditions of the agreement. In some countries, this is all they are fed.

  5. Tell me is Nancy going to handle them no because she a loser

  6. People can't handle north Korea that's all Trump

  7. weather, he's going to fall because everyone around the world needs to stop paying this dictator in this regime because all they are doing are committing crimes against humanity and we should not be giving him any money to pay for him to make missiles that he is threatening the world with no we need to help those people get out of there and leave him in there all by his freaking self

  8. I'd like to see what she's done besides irrating north Korea she would be crying in 2 seconds hen Trump's not president

  9. Nancy wouldn't handle north Korea they'll keep doing what there doing when Trump's not president anymore

  10. North Korea is teaching its own people that America is the enemy if you go there to visit they try to brainwash Americans that they are the enemy and he's coming off with this? he is sociopathic he has no business running a country he is a mental sociopathic evil illness how dare he sorry dictator it don't work that way North Koreans are suffering while you're using them for slaves so you can make money cuz you're a lazy fat pig no I don't think so we ain't lifted nothing

  11. Fake news bull shit

    TRUMP 2020

  13. Don't trust North Korea at all, they've been doing this for years, they say do this first, and when it comes to their part, they do nothing. Don't give them money, and sanction them till they fail or cooperate.

  14. Trust and respect are both earned, and not given

  15. Kim has many complexes : paranoia , bipolar, depression, mania, and the least is he’s fat and ugly

  16. You haven’t saw hostility yet Kimmy. Neither has China. Eventually I fear you will. Kimmy your country could be as successful as Japan if you would get with the program but you want to hang on to your outdated, deteriorating nukes. You could be our new China, we’re looking for a new place to manufacture our junk products. You and the NK people could be rolling in the cash if you would act right.

  17. America already stopped military drills with south Korea and that shouldn't have happened Kim Jong fatboy hasn't given up missile tests and he should have America needs to apply more pressure not less

  18. Lol, sounds like we are doing just fine against NK.

  19. Now thats some funny shit there.

  20. kim was playing a game of civ V and went down the wrong tech tree. Hes desperate at this point

  21. Kill em both

  22. NK should stop playing their games and do as Trump wants, peace and a prosperous NK

  23. Hey Rocket Man, The United States calls the Shots here.

  24. Grandma doesnt like it when I laugh at really fat people. She says ill grow up to be a cereal killer. Is she right?

  25. Go ahead mess with them so all of us in America can truly be equals in a nuclear Holocaust.

  26. And Trump will likely listen to this.

  27. Boo whooo, cry me a river you fat pig.

  28. Can we just get to the war already so we can begin the recovery process early

  29. North Korea will probably return to normal if someone blows that weird midgets head off

  30. North Korea doesn't get it….either you denuclearize or USA will do it for you. Its only a matter of time…..thats all…

  31. ' Hostile Policy '?
    Who's the one launching rockets?

  32. Everything related to Trump is batshit stupid and vapid superficialities.

  33. I say we need more sanctions on nk let them know that we don't have a pussy in charge we have a man trying to make the United States of America a presents to be known once again.

  34. They talk about America being hostile, by use of sanctions, but dont mention the mass executions by there dictator. Go figure they would have that choice.

  35. Communist news at its best

  36. North Korea is literally a shit hole

  37. YES TRUMP!!! WE KEEP ON WINNING!! Trump 2020 After all, you got that noble peace price for nothing.

  38. wow these ladies are way too emotional and excited how do they do it , this shit has been going on for more than 40 years

  39. No country has the right to war. All weapons of war should be recycled.

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