Killik Explains: Could leveraged loans trigger a debt crisis?

Leveraged loan s are a new type of debt that has taken the corporate world by storm recently. Tim Bennett looks at how they work and the key risks. To Receive …


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  1. This video having only 1800 views is the first sign of depression coming.

  2. Correct me if i`m wrong, but I don`t aren`t those exactly like CDOs… but on steroids?

  3. Here we go again!

  4. So if the etf products for these have immediate liquidity in a crisis, making the money for the loans disappear faster than the actual liquidity of the loan, who takes the loss? I am just still confused if this could end up in another 2008. I never invest in those types of things, but just worry even if my BIL barclays short term treasuries would end up in some strange counterparty risk if banking system crisis occurs.

  5. same as it ever was ! until it isn't?

  6. are leveraged loan same as India's NBFC loan crisis?

  7. Great video.

  8. Thanks for the great explanation!

  9. Sounds very complex. This is bound to lead to a crisis at some point as nobody knows what they're doing

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