Is A Bitcoin BREAKOUT Coming?! Bitcoin In Consolidation – CCN Shutting Down!

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  1. …"BTC is either going to break up, or it's going to break down…" thanks for clearing that up.. Great analysis! Real talk – I take it you dont do much trading. If you dont trust your TA, why would anyone else? More troublesome, why would you be teaching it to others?

  2. Jeb, I hear your frustration, but you know as well as anyone, there are other search engines out there. Bing and Yahoo to name two. So how is Google supposed to respond to being "guilty of providing the better service that consumers are seeking"?

  3. Would be nice to see you trading sometime man, that's content 😀

  4. Lots of Alternative health sites hurt the most by this, no doubt because they aren't not reflecting the establishments views on illness and health (and what to do about it)

  5. Looks like we are going bullish… as several attempts to break below 7.5k have failed as well.. and we are in a bullish trend… my 2 satoshis worth 🙂

  6. I predict we are going to $20,000 in a few weeks and $100,000 by the end of the year Jebb! You can offer me a free membership if Im right.
    What's your opinion about India's 10 year jail sentence for having cryptos?, and have you ever heard about (KBC) Karat Gold Coin? would you consider it revolutionary or a scam?
    Thanks Brother, Peace be with you!

  7. Thanks good information thanks

  8. If they put their money where their mouth is. They be holding Bitcoin. Bitcoin should save them.

  9. Crypto is a very "libertarian" ideology….it runs counter to the leftists agenda…..huffpo and mirror….very leftists.

  10. Destroying the democracy is the end goal of the leftists….which run those large companies..

  11. ccn was going under before that BS excuse drop. if you don't have enough cashflow to run for 5-8 days without revenue you're being run inefficiently or the cfo is a criminal. what a joke….

  12. I have never used google in my life. Have never noticed a difference. Just stop using outlets that inhibit free speech and they will become obsolete. But the cattle continues to follow..YouTube is next

  13. I honestly think ct2a course has good value, and with Jebb adding more content your money goes even farther, yes I am in the course, endorse.

  14. WE are trading below 100EMA , 50EMA and 20 EMA on 4 hr the 50 crossed the 100 on the june 9 @ 8:00

  15. Brave browser get free crypto in bat token. That will make you feel better

  16. I need bitcoin…
    Please help me!!!

  17. Ccn needs a good law firm? Report this to USA government, Trump wants to know about media games with the big corps that want to dictate content and screw small companies. This could go viral, and who is next? Google, facebook Amazon could all get chopped up into small pieces. Can you say monopoly. I agree Jebb politics are draining to the brain. Better to study a course like yours

  18. Checkout Brave which is a new web browser. Straight from Coinbase…"Brave is on a mission to fix what it believes is a broken web. Learn about Brave and you'll earn the Basic Attention Token (BAT)."

  19. Indeed. They cut crypto and boosted the horribly leftist feminist huffington post.

  20. Only took a week for CCN to be mortally crippled?

  21. Going down to $6800 and maybe down to $4200, then back up and that's when the bull market is confirmed.

  22. once in a lifetime opportunity for the small guy on the street to get wealthy. Cryptocurrency is it

  23. This week, bull trend.

  24. Great things are coming

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