Since we’ve talked about the best credit cards for beginners, the best credit cards for travel, and the best credit cards for free stuff…these are the Top 5 WORST …


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  1. Just became a member of Graham's channel and got this cool badge thing LOL

  2. Hey Graham, you left out the Indigo platinum MasterCard aka crap card. The apr is extremely high and the fee’s are ridiculous, so add this one to your top 10 for your viewers on the next blog.

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  4. I got the Reflex card and I have to say I've been quite pleased… Just kidding. I'm not stupid.

  5. I personally have had credit one because of thinking it was captial one they are bye far the worse credit card company I've ever had.

  6. 1st premier and credit one for sure

  7. So. . . I still don't get it. . . for 2% cash back, why don't simply get a Citi Double cash at no annual fee?

  8. I have variants of 3 of these LOL. No issues yet if you pay it on time. I got them because I destroyed my credit last year and still need some cards to use while I'm rebuilding/paying off written off accounts.

  9. What about Discovery?.

  10. When you are holding your breath to see if any of your credit cards are on Graham list


  12. I have to admit credit one got me because i thought it was capital one

  13. I'm currently using the PC financial master card with no annual fee and points to use towards free groceries. Its a good one, and I also have the capital one costco master card which gives 2 % cashback on fuel and 3 % on restaurant purchases which is cool because I drive a lot and spend coin every week typically on eating out. The only drawback with the costco one is that there is a $120 annual fee so I'm on the fence whether to renew that membership fee or just go all out and use my PC card for all my purchases.

  14. Wow I've never seen such high annual fees. I wonder if anyone actually signed up for that card of close to $500 and $1000

  15. Wow I never heard of a $10 phone payment before. This is ridiculous!!

  16. I love this video. I've sent this to 1 person. Will send to 2 more people when morning comes.

  17. Sorry to late I have 2 but I barely use it because of fees only extreme emergency’s but they do have a app and I have no issues with paying through the app

  18. If you really read all your comments i want to pay you to learn from you


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  21. You’re better off with a Nigerian prince or storing your money in “SOON TO BE REVALUED DINAR!” Lol

  22. Im looking to get my first one and I have always been careful with money. I am getting it for the protection and credit score, but you seem appalled at APRs around 20-30%, even though some of the cards available to me are 37.99% and around that area, I wouldn't say its important because I never plan on missing a payment, as I am never living beyond my means and hope to not miss a payment. Maybe you could advise me on this?

  23. they're not done yet

  24. 5. credit one
    4. first premier
    3. continental finance – reflex
    2. master card – black card
    1. master card – gold card

    credit one is a gay company i would have put them as #1 gay

  25. Credit One is a gay company stay away

  26. Credit one a bank for people with a credit score of 1

  27. I literally just got the capital one savorone…. should I just cut when I get it? I eat out a little too much so i figured it was a good choice.

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