How To Pack: 10 Days in CARRY ON | 13 Outfits | Europe Trip 2017 (Paris London Brussels)

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  1. Were you able to take both as a carry on ?

  2. How much money did you bring with you ???

  3. This is so perfect, I'm going to France et Rome in a few months and I'm only allowed to bring a carryon. The trip is 10 days and i was stressed thanks for la tips!

  4. How to pack for two weeks good information. Videos no information where to launder clothing?

  5. But you can’t bring any wine or olive oil home!

  6. Thank you for sharing with us. I noticed you brought mirror, hair drier, etc with you, hotel has them already, why bring? Also how do you bring extra pair of shoes? How do you pack your shoes? And it seems like you bring very little outfit on your trip. I am just a little surprised.

  7. You have so much space in your suit case definitely gotta get this!! Thanks for the help

  8. Did your T3 hair electricals work ok for you over there? I want to buy for my london/Spain trip but I'm scared it won't work over there

  9. I wonder if the carry on luggage is not more than 11 lbs ??

  10. I am going to paris and London in 4 days YAY

  11. how much did all this weigh? ive been around the world and limits are 7-10kg, all these videos seem way over

  12. decided to look up some packing cubes and I found the exact ones you got ! X

  13. (honest question:) is this suitcase really acepted as a carry on?

  14. Out of all the videos you packed the most efficiently. Great job, great video.

  15. Can someone tell me if it is okay to wear shorts in Italy or France during June. It would help me a lot with my packing. Thanks!

  16. Your luggage calms the OCDness in me

  17. Fluffy kitty!!!

  18. !! 100%

  19. Auto like for using an EMBRZ track in the intro!

  20. High five. I am also going to Europe

  21. love color of your bags 🙂

  22. I live in Germany and I travel to Paris 2 times a year and to the Cote d'Azur in summer I always have 4 large suitcases and 10 handbags in their dust bags plus 10pairs of shoes I mostly use my car as a handbag closet haha I couldn't fit all my luggage I the Paris Appartement but it worked out good since I only stay in Paris for a week or two each time it's a month I spent on the Rivera and I weirdly only needed 2 suitcases the rest was the same but I guess going to Paris for such a long time made me insecure about what to wear it's a place where u can be someone else wear what u would never wear in ur hometown the thing with me is I can't shock people with my outfits since I always wear what I love so iridescent and colorful classic and futuristic haha and Parisians are hard to shock since u see the weirdest stuff on every corner especially in marais it's full of tough designer shops and thrift shops with unique pieces u won't find anywhere so always keep some space in ur suitcase for the treasures u found 😉 don't forget the import limit to avoid a second time of paying the tax haha

  23. What about power converters?

  24. I always use a Ziploc for makeup. I feel like a makeup bag would just get dirty. It does the job…Any suggestions?

  25. You know you're not allowed to carry all these liquids on airplane they'll all be confiscated

  26. Didn’t they take your liquids? You have to have them in a 1L bag, max 10x 100ml bottles and in a suitcase. It’s like that everywhere, especially in Europe…

  27. Can you take a curling iron on ur carry on? And liquids? I’m confused.

  28. i dont know why im watching these videos right now…. i'm leaving to paris/barcelona/madrid in 2 months and this is just making me more excited

  29. A lot of European airlines limit you to one piece of cabin luggage and the pink suitcase will be too big to fit overhead.

  30. I ♡ Tep wireless and this video is great

  31. I’m going to Europe next week on Thursday and I can’t wait this video really helped

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