How One Man Earned 10 Million Credit Card Points

Chris Hutchins, a former Google employee and the CEO of financial planning company Grove, has earned more than 10 million credit card points over the last …



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  1. 2:24 Of course you are not crazy

  2. Video did not explain how he reached 10 millions of points

  3. How exactly are you paying for gift cards at OfficeMax with credit card if their policy strictly limits buying gift cards to cash or debit payment?

  4. I don't get anything he said.

  5. I have 29 cards, 160,000 credit line. I live on 900 a month. If I can do it… anyone can!

  6. Graham stephan this you

  7. He looks exactly like how I imagined someone with a million credit card points would look like

  8. Credit card churning

  9. Guy has.10m points and says he is frugal

  10. its good being wealthy

  11. HA! 0:37 Four Seasons @ Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

  12. Shopify drop-shippers earn crazy amounts of points by using credit cards to fulfill online orders

  13. At least he's not a cheapskate! Bravo man

  14. Points does not equal free money. Somebody pays (fees), it may not be you so it's probably the business (big or small) you are buying from.

  15. If you can’t manage a credit card or have enough self control not to buy what you can’t afford you have a different set of problems credit cards are a tool

  16. So he spent a lot of money…ok?

  17. I got my first credit card at 21 over a year spent 20k+ and effectively netted about 700 dollars cash back. Similar to the video a lot of my expenses were Accounts receivable from work or plane tickets for a large group.

  18. This guy credit score is over 9000

  19. Thanks man. I saw this and now i am inspired

  20. Have you thought about adoption? I want to be part of your family lol

  21. Sorry to say but this video isn’t a good model to follow. His methods can violate terms of service and cancel your credit card account. Also, it’s not a good idea to spend extra money just to get points, because 1 point does not equal 1 dollar. It makes no sense to spend $500 at best buy with the intention of getting around $7 back in points, because you most likely didn’t need whatever you are buying there. His methods are good only for churning which are still risky.

  22. For those who bank with Chase, which credit card is the best to use for getting as many travel points as possible? Preferably one without annual fees.

  23. Dave Ramsey has left the chat.

  24. He pronounces Seychelles wrong. it's Ceekeelees not shechel!

  25. Everyone keeps saying it's risky yes obviously it's risky but scared money don't make no money. Just be disciplined and pay it off in full every month. As long as you're spending money you was already going to spend the risk/reward is very little

  26. rebuilt my credit to a 800+ fico score and i’m debt free. i recently applied for a bunch of credit cards and got started on this travel and points game. it can be done without going into debt. key word: frugal! simply live below your means & pay off balance every month. i’m trying to get the premium cards such as the chase sapphire reserve and amex platinum cards. my goal is to reach this dude’s level.

  27. This guy is the opposite of Dave Ramsey

  28. This is crazy I would love to see dave ramsey’s face watching this video lol

  29. It's considerably easier to collect points in the US than it is in the EU. The EU has caps on how much payment processing fees can be charged by a processor (Visa/mastercard/amex etc). These companies make less in the EU so can't afford to give away as many points as the US. The US has more than double the collecting power in EU countries.
    That's not to say you can't still achieve this in the EU.
    Within a year of doing this hobby I now have enough points to be able to travel first class return to most places in the world and stay a week in a 5 star hotel. And no I didn't spend 100s of thousands to earn hundreds of thousands of points. Spending does help but if you can save a dollar then it's better to save it rather than spending it. I earned my points by keeping an eye out for promotions that are outsized in value. Spend $20 to get $100 in points? yes please. I consider it to be a 5x investment to a future trip. Companies sometimes do this by mistake and sometimes companies do it on purpose and have budgeted for it as customer acquisition. (They hope that you return to spend more later.)
    Debt? 0. Credit? ++. Spend? 10-15k~ my food, fuel, bills, clothes etc.
    Even if you don't focus on the offers and just earn passively from spend, you'll still probably be able to acquire enough points for a free trip every few years. Cough Just started studying? Want to plan for a free graduation trip? Start saving points.

    Just treat it like debit. Only spend what you actually have in the bank. You'll get free value and build up some responsible credit history.

  30. if only the points were cash ….

  31. Which credit card r u used u didn't mention in the video so tell what is the name of the credit card

  32. I wonder if his wife is taking applications for a bf currently ?

  33. Robinhood is an investing app that lets you buy stocks, ETF’s, and cryptocurrencies all commission free.

    Anyone got that ad?

  34. Forgot to mention. White privelage

  35. Shout out to CIC!! That’s my dream setup as well 🙂

  36. say hello to apple card…

  37. Drink everytime he says credit card

  38. What it forgot to mention is this took 10 years to build up and her wasn't saying how much he's spent or in debt….but if he was a Google employee and now CEO of a financial company, he probably has money or severely in 6 figures of debt.

  39. Definitely New Zealand bud

  40. How to flex like a millennial in #2019. sad.

  41. 0:39 four season Bali still remember when i was there

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