How I Made Millions By Cryptocurrency ( Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin)

In todays video we talk about cryptocurrency . I first invested into cryptocurrency in 2015. I ended selling 60 bitcoin for $17000-18000+ a coin in late 2017.



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  1. This college kid made over a million dollars in college. I love how humble he is. He referred to his earnings as a good amount. Pat yourself on the back young man. That’s something to be proud of

  2. where u at reactit up

  3. Talk more about Cryptocurrency

  4. Bro anyone ever tell you, you look a lot like "Dizzy Wright" from Funk Volume hahaha! Dope video though, very clean come up. I got a kick out of your Eminem and MGK beef videos.

  5. can you be my crypto-trading mentor?

  6. You should do the CKJ show bro. Thanks for your videos. XRP will be the #1 digital asset in the future.

  7. Love crypto currency. It’s been a absolute game changer for me especially trading BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC

  8. Lol I'm not gonna be bored, its gonna help me get rich

  9. Don't see the market regaining momentum that quickly off a peak in end of 2017, Bitcoin may gain some uptick but it's still way too early for the masses to recognize and adopt cryptocurrency especially the altcoins which are still bearish, too many carebears trying to push Bitcoin right now and neglecting altcoins, but looking 2~3 years out, getting into altcoins now is the time for long-term jackpot to the moon

  10. Yes speak more about crypto and your suggestions

  11. Would you say dump 10k into XRP ASAP or No?

  12. nice video, but i don't think xrp will make us much money.

  13. How the fuck do people get rich of bitcoins .
    Confusing shit .

  14. Thanks to this genius,I got $6,000 from him traded to btc,contact him on +15623677365

  15. I made my first Milly when I was 18 by real estate and flipping houses a lot of work but I’ll try cryptocurrency on the side

  16. great video, reminds me of when i made my first $500,000 investing in Bitcoin with the help of a pro trader Shelby. Met her at a seminar and she agreed to trade for me. Its been all smiles ever since for me

  17. Hi bro I wanna know more

  18. Yes I took my time to search for one reliable trader to invest with after so many traders on YouTube refuse to make full payment when win date is due

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  21. what do u predict ripple to hit

  22. Question what U think about Karatbars Coins KBC& KCB?

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  24. I would love to learn more about your journey! Thanks!

  25. Drop the link bro

  26. wathcing from Philippines. hey bro 🙂 im always watching on your channel bro.

  27. Cryptoking

  28. I wanna learn about it

  29. Fake it till u make it

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