Godzilla King of Monsters POST CREDIT SCENE Explained!

Godzilla King of the Monsters Ending and Post-Credit Scene Revealed! What details did you miss from the final scene of the latest Godzilla (2019) movie, and …



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  1. There are 17 titans most of them are not shown until the end

  2. What if they use the Ghidorah head to create Gigan?

  3. When burning Godzilla goes nuclear and burns ghidorah to a crisp

  4. Ghidorah: burn them all
    Godzilla: I'm sorry?
    Ghidorah: my bad lmao

  5. My Favorite Scence Fighter Jets Flying Behind Godzilla Ready To Battle King Ghidorah

  6. Why they will resurected Ghidora again?

  7. More like God of the monsters

  8. Yes King Kong and godzilla vs ghidorah mecca*

  9. Hadn't considered Bargon. Good call

  10. Kong and Godzilla will team up…they will not destroy one another(franchise). Plus they are two characters everyone loves(too predictable).

  11. I know why they call him Godzilla because he is a god

  12. One of the most epic scenes for me was when Godzilla went full Thermonuclear and as he approached Gidorah, everything in his path just melted from his nuclear radiation (or was it immens heat?)

  13. What's a king(Godzilla) to a God (Kong)?

  14. I don't see Kong and Godzilla fight being epic as Godzilla from what I've seen in the latest movie is far beyond Kong's level .. better they should team up against resurrected Ghidorah .

  15. My interest in upcoming movies will be if and how they try to MechaGodzilla into the universe. Given that the 2 Godzilla movies so far paint him as a keeper of balance, a protector of all life on Earth (even if some humans do die along the way), what would the justification for MechaGodzilla be? Insurance in case Godzilla does end up dying? Backup for him? I'm curious to see

  16. Haven't watched the movie yet…
    But I'm looking forward to watching it.
    I'm really hyped for Kong VS Godzilla.
    Because I've watched Kong Skull Island ❤❤

  17. Best moment: Godzilla went super sian

  18. Or maybe Bagan, Destroyah and Mecha King Gidorah, who knows?

  19. Mecha Gidorah, mhm Mecha Gidorah

  20. I think that Kong vs Godzilla is gonna be a draw

  21. Kong is King Kong!

  22. Destroyah is probably going to be in Godzilla vs kong. I'm calling it

  23. Why does Godzilla always look like a Ford Fusion

  24. I firmly believe that when Serizawa gets nuked the blast fuses his spirit with that of Godzilla melding their souls hearts and minds in one being.

  25. I think in God vs king king Ghidorah will returns during their fight and God and king will stop him


  27. My teory is jonnah gonna take the king ghidorah dna and then gonna capture kong and put the dna in kong body then kong gonna grow so big to chalangge godzilla

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