George Ezra – 2019 European Tour, Diary Four (Stuttgart, Vienna, Prague, Munich)

The last arena tour of the album was immense, thank you to my friends across Europe who made it to a show Hopefully I’ll be seeing you in the great outdoors …


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  1. How does such a deep voice come out of that adorable baby face!?!? Such awesomeness!!

  2. Going to cork

  3. I love your songs

  4. Catch me at 0:45 looking like a doofus

  5. I
    I l
    I lo
    I lov
    I love
    I love y
    I love yo
    I love you

  6. Nice songs

  7. Love you and your music! You are special and so natural! Good luck on your tour and life!!!

  8. Please go to Indonesia

  9. Mr Magic

  10. Can you come to Ireland. Please I LOVE your singing

  11. Wow❤❣

  12. Who also waiting him at your town ? ;))))) ✓

  13. the want to go with your tour goerge

  14. fantastic song Brasil love

  15. Best best and best for you. Hope you get some time for yourself too.

  16. THANK YOU and your band for this lovely music and positive vibes! Keep it up 🙂 Thank you for the amazing concert in Paris.

  17. I want to come and watch one of your performances so badly

  18. Thank you George for this wonderful concert in Vienna!❤️

  19. You are so great <33

  20. Love you x

  21. I have enjoyed it from Prag thank you man.

  22. I saw you in Prague ♥️♥️that was amazing ♥️

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