FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – The Bitcoin Super Rally

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  1. Summer is coming.

  2. This happens every presidential cycle.

  3. Well, there goes the GPU/RAM market again…

  4. Bitcoin is a growing eco system. You can’t build a new currency overnight… Look at the charts and patterns it is doing what it has always done. Soon it will be too late for the average citizen to invest in a whole bitcoin. It will be like the Digital era. Some believed and made a fortune some didn’t and now just use it everyday in their lives.

  5. Energi great project. Incredible returns…. I just discover it and will be investing.

  6. When it comes to bitcoin mining Mr Denis law is doing a good work , i keep making profits

  7. I thought it was Chinese trying to get their money out? Nice to know the infrastructure went more mainstream.

  8. There is no new money coming into BTC. It's a weekly pump and dump. There will be no bull run until the SEC steps up and declares BTC to not be a security. And this won't happen until institutional investors get all their bags filled low. The April jump was just because one group brought 100 million in one day. BTC is the tide that raises and lowers all other coins.

  9. I decided not to mine bitcoin even though I had a good GPU for it because the electricity cost would be a bit higher than the price of the currency… at $130. So F me.

  10. MAID making progress on a real product.

  11. friends, pay attention to PRIZM cryptocurrency !!! I really like to get every second !!!!

  12. Please understand inter ledger protocol ASAP

  13. Too many digital currencies. All speculation.

  14. There is a sucker born every minute, or now that there is 7.6 Billion people, so now one born every second.

  15. There is great currency instability ( inflation ) in many parts of the world .

  16. Super rally= joo banks proping up a fake currency to profit off of stupid people

  17. Unusually poor from Classiarus. Bitcoin is not about the price; it is about replacing fiat, a word that doesn't appear in this piece. And there is no such thing as "Blockchain" either.

  18. Bitcoin is a medium of exchange. Nothing more. Ironically, its wild variations in value tend to make it unattractive as a unit of exchange. Worse, treat it as an investment at your financial peril.

  19. Bitchute?

  20. What does Bitcoin produce? Nothing? Not investment grade; its just speculation in currency.

  21. I cannot believe they turned Bitcoin from a random currency by barcode coin to a stock share scam. From what it started as was a means to alternate recessions caused from government spending meet past expenutures through inflation.

  22. Спacибo зa видоc! Зачeтный ролик получилcя! Спaсибо!

  23. Cryptocurrency will never be safe so long as all the cell phones are back-doored by the NSA.

  24. Monero is the best, it's private and fungible.

  25. A video on Bitcoin bullishness without ever mentioning Tether, not even once. You shouldn't make videos on this subject, you're clueless.

  26. the bottom was in, people bought? WTF?

  27. Is this not like the great "Tulip Bubble" where all investors lost their shirts to a black tulip?

  28. FOMO is also the main weapon of con artist Tai lopez.

  29. Crypto will grow as long as the Internet is accessible for commerce. It’s a long term investment.

  30. Warren Buffett once said that as an investor, it is wise to be “Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

    Right now people are greedy, so I would be very careful. I personally thought the crypto market had value just not as much as most people thought. So I waited for the Dutch Tulip bust (or orchestrated pump and dump) and sure enough, it came. Look for the intrinsic or tangible value in something before investing. Don’t be a “pop investor”, one who chases the market and doesn’t understand the value of the technology.

  31. Asset or currency?

  32. Just pick one of 999 999 999 999 types of crypto and hope for best.
    BTW buying lottery ticket gives you better chances.

  33. FOMO is an extremely strong psychological effect. And id wager absolutely nobody is immune to it.
    When you have skin in the game already, or you are sitting watching the price of an asset going up and you are on the sidelines, it needs an extremely strong will and logical mindset to not make a decision irrationally or based on emotion.
    People think they are in control, but they are not.

  34. I do not care for crypto. Some love it , some hate it. I personally go with my gut and stay away from it. I only watch Gold/Silver , Oil and the Dow.

  35. Bitcoin is 80% chinese owned ,im all set they have proven to play games with the market ill put my money somewheres else. To many being hacked .

  36., a video platform who use cryptocurrency.

  37. What do you think of IOTA & VET?

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