FOCUS ON YOURSELF NOT OTHERS – Best Study Motivation Compilation for Success & Students

Focus On Yourself And Not Others! This is a powerful Motivational Speech Video that will inspire you to focus on what’s important and not care about what other …


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  1. Video Starts With GaryVee Voice… LIKED FAST.

  2. Most people given up on me catching up on assignments (I’m homeschooled) but,you know how always believes in me my cat she always sits with me while I do lessons

  3. I didn't make DP to write my other 3rd year mathematics module(Advanced real analysis) but I just told myself that it's not the end of the world and the way I love mathematics so much,I told myself that it won't stop me from this journey of being a mathematician one day,I come from a very disadvantaged background and i want to inspire every person out there young and old that nothing should stop you from achieving what you want and I learnt one thing, we all have our journeys in life. You may graduate first while I was ahead of you,but my dreams aren't about being competition with others but about me.

  4. Can someone tell me the name of music in 23:40 pls ?

  5. Stupid sss music

  6. . Anybody knows the name of the movie right at the start of the video ( girls in class)??? I want to watch it , Thank you.

  7. A Big Thumb's Up!!!

  8. The best!!!!

  9. Yes….marry the process!

  10. Great video. The words are powerful. Just remember you can climb up in the world or win without stepping on people along the way. Don't forget to stay connected to your human/empathetic side. Be careful of going too deep in yourself/own world that you disconnect this world/from people that love you. Be good to yourself and people around you.

  11. Past is your experience
    Present is your experiment
    And Future is your expectations
    So use your experience in your experiment to achieve your expectations

  12. It's nice to see everyone trying to work hard and wanting to be successful. At least some people in this world actually want to try.
    I bet anyone could do it as long as they dedicate their time to it, and work hard, think smart.
    I am 12 years old an I am starting early, trying to figure out what the stock market is, and I'm trying to figure out how to buy stocks.
    And I am trying to figure out what business I want to do because I want to work for myself not anybody.

  13. Sure, I'll watch it 3 more times and I'll star tomorrow C:

  14. Selfishness cause problems. Don't get married if you must come first all the time. Don't HV kids or friendships. Try living n speaking the truth. Let the people you meet know that UR selfish n self serving. Follow UR dreams in decency n order. NEVER, CHEAT, HURT OR DEFILE ANYONE FOR UR DREAMS. I DARE YOU TO TELL THE TRUTH. I DARE YOU TO OWN. YOUR HURT N PAIN U INFLICTED UPON OTHERS. I DARE YOU TO LEARN WHAT NEGATIVE N POSITIVE. I DARE YOU TO LOVE!!!!

  15. 6 minutes in, I slammed my hand onto the space bar to pause it and I've just tidied my bedroom and my gaming room and rearranged my bedroom and i've never felt better. Really gave me the motivation I was looking for. Made me so angry with myself for procrastinating for so long that I actually did something.

  16. Bro I don’t know u but I like u! Thank you for this video

  17. Well that's the devil talk.Look around you,the world is full of self centered people.No wonder the earth has gone to a pot.

  18. This is great. Right on time.

  19. Awesome buddy… Thanks

  20. How many times am I going to see images of women?
    I know how this statement sounds, but you cannot tell me the underlining tone of this message..
    I feel it.. and women are already on this path. They have been for centuries, just in the last 4 decades its been push thru the media to the point they are only successful if they bring men down.
    Strong women?? You are here as a group of cells in collection, you are already strong, not like a man but like a human being. You are formed, talking and walking.. If you are truly want to be of value then your cue should come from your father, from you mother, from within you (your creator).. that you have to offer to your man to create another being which is your child.. This is LIFE..

    We are still growing.. its really that simple.. study what you can and cant do now.. and work on them. Its easier saying it but you have your environment or what you need fighting you against comprehending that. So just be it.. and watch all that resists you start falling away.. Lets start with that step and stop being a victim, stop feeling worthless to yourself, stop forcing ppl to like you by being something that you are not.. be what who you are.. and those will come.. but remember there is a law to life and creation and changing that is changing what you came from.. and nothing will be the same even your memories. So careful of what you ask for as well vs what is expected within the aspect of life which is creation..

  21. Hey random person scrolling throught the comments. I just want to say: have a great day or night!
    Remember you arer loved and you have a purpose in this world. Always stay positive and never give up in life and on your goals!

  22. This video is so inspirational but at the same time no matter what I do I still feel depressed about what I’m doing “wrong” in my life i don’t know how to get out of that mindset.

  23. What if you are days away from 61 and everything you worked for and everyone you believed in deceived you….It happened.

  24. This is valuable for anyone, not just students. Thanks for putting this together!

  25. 19:52 just realized that this is my university in the netherlands and I got so confused lol

  26. My goal is to be a doctor. I can I will and I must.

  27. This is really good. Find it extremely motivating thank you to those who made the compilation. Forever grateful.

  28. That was an annoying motivation video… NEXT!

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